AirOxi Tube to Export Aeration Solutions to Egypt, Israel, and Africa!

AirOxi Tube manufactures the latest in aeration solutions for aquaculture and is helping farmers by providing efficient systems which do not require a very large investment. We not only manufacture aeration tubes, but also support farmers with installation and maintenance support. Our Aeration Solutions are used for commercial aqua cultural purposes across the country and [...]

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Indian Made Aquaculture Aeration Systems Trump Imported Options

Effective Aquaculture aeration systems are very important for the transportation of prawn hatchlings from the nursery to the farm or for the transportation of live grown prawns from the farm to various restaurants and other establishments that require live prawns. In India, prawn aquaculture owners or managers have so far depended on imported aquaculture aeration tubes for [...]

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Aeration Innovation – Mobile Aeration Unit – AirOxi Tube

Anyone who owns or runs a prawn aquaculture farm knows the importance of maintaining optimum oxygen levels in the water for the prawn hatchlings when transporting them from the nursery to the farm. If the oxygen levels get too low, the prawn hatchlings will not survive the journey from the nursery to the farm. If [...]

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Floating Diffuser Grid An Ideal Aeration Solution

Float Diffuser Grid Introducing a Float Diffuser Grid with no piping AirOxi Tube’s Floating Diffuser Grids are designed in such a way that they can be immediately used for water aeration. Its most attractive feature is that there is no need for piping. The only requirement is to connect it with power supply. As soon [...]

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Benefits Of Aeration In Inland Fisheries

The major industry of coastal states is fishing. It is a good source of employment and income generation for the population of coastal areas. Water and natural resources offer a good potential for growth in farm fishing. Aquaculture fish farming is a growing industry. Fish is considered as a good source of nutrition and it [...]

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Modern Aeration Solutions Can Improve Vannamei Prawn Produce

The shrimp farming is highly lucrative and growing industry. The shrimp farming on a commercial basis has transformed the lives for the better for farmers.  The shrimp farming methods have seen significant improvements in recent times. The shrimp farming growth has progressed better in commercially cultured ponds or tanks. The access to fertile land and [...]

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Complete Installation Support of Aeration Tubes – AirOxi Tube

The shrimp cultivation is a lucrative commercial activity, across the globe. The demand for shrimp has led to an increase the production. The scope of this industry is vast, as it has a huge customer base in food industry.  Seafood is consumed on a daily basis, by large section of the society. Shrimp are popular [...]

How to Maximize Natural Oxygen and Maintain High Oxygen Level Throughout The Day

An adequate level of oxygen has to be maintained in a fish or shrimp/prawn pond to ensure growth and an increase in yield. The best way this can be achieved is by introducing an aeration system which can complement the natural source of oxygen in ponds to ensure a steady supply of oxygen all day [...]

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Complete Assistance Provided for Aeration Installation – AirOxi Tube

Modern Aeration solutions are vital to the increase in yield of a fish/prawn/shrimp farm because of the fact that oxygen dissolves faster, more consistently and at a lower energy consumption. But there are certain doubts in the mind of the farmers before they decide to make an investment, especially since installation and maintenance of an [...]

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Benefits of Aeration Tube Resistant to Algae

Today farming has grown all over the country in leaps and bounds. Different methods of farming has created huge scope for farmers to ply on the benefits of aquaculture. Just like agriculture needs intermittent supervision of plants including their proper fertilization, aquaculture is yet another farming technique that requires us to create an ideal environment [...]

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