Aquaculture Aerator - AirOxi Tube

Preventive Maintenance of AirOxi Tube

Aeration tube maintenance is not a tough task when installed by AirOxi Tube, our aeration solutions are easy to use and very less maintenance is required.

However to ensure best performance in any kind of water:

  • Use the tube at least 2 to 3 hours everyday. This will ensure that the micro holes are clear.
  • Once in 15 days, take the tube out of the water and check for algae or clogging because of other waste particles.
  • If there is clogging or coating seen, then rub with a wire brush and then dip in bleaching powder solution (1 part of powder with 10 parts of water) for half an hour.
  • When not in use between crop seasons, remove from water and clean thoroughly with wire brush and bleaching powder solution.
  • Store in a shaded and covered away from direct sunlight.

Cleaning Suggestion for AirOxi Tube

AirOxi Tube is going to remain in water for 2-3 months. So it is possible that algae, food and waste particles, salt and other elements stick to the tube. The procedure for cleaning is very easy and this will make the tube as good as new, without compromising on life or quality of the product. The following is one of the procedures one can use and it will ensure proper cleaning even in the most extreme cases of clogging/ choking.

Step 1 Remove AirOxi Tube from water and while still wet, use a wire brush to thoroughly rub and scrub it.

Step 2 – In a large drum, take bathroom cleaning acid and dilute it in the ratio 1:5 – 1 part acid to 5 part water. Dip the tube in this mix of acid and water for 2 hours. This will remove all salts and other particles that are choking the tube.

Step 3 – Take out the tube and rub it with wire brush to clean loose particles.

Step 4 – Take bleaching powder solution in a large drum. Make the solution by adding 1 part of bleaching powder to 10 parts of water. Dip the tube in this for 2 hours or overnight. This will remove the algae that is stuck on the tube.

Step 5 – Rub with a wire brush all loose particles.

Step 6 – Wash the tube in clean water and let it dry before using or storing it.

Cleaning of AirOxi Tube Aeration Solutions