Biofloc Aeration Solutions For High-Density Fish Farming

An aeration solution is vital to the success of high-density fish farming - the dissolved oxygen level in the water contributes to better quality and higher yield during fish farming. So if you are invested in a Biofloc model for fish farming, then a proper Biofloc aeration solution is the right approach to achieve high-density [...]

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AirOxi Spider with AirOxi STAR Aeration Tube for High Movement & Low Blocking

Aeration is of immense importance in aquaculture or fish farming and many other similar uses like fish transportation, fish tanks, and Biofloc environment. It is because of this reason, to make the process of aquaculture and the lives of fish farmers easier AirOxi Tube introduces AirOxi Spider with AirOxi Star. An aeration solution for high [...]

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AirOxi Micro Bubble Generator For Hatcheries

Hatcheries are vital; they help nurture juvenile fish in controlled environments, the better the fish or shrimp development at the early stages the better the chances of yield when the hatchlings are transferred to the growout ponds. Hatcheries and nurseries require high oxygenation which facilitated high density fish / shrimp farming. The most important factor [...]

AirOxi Pearl Aeration Tube for Aeration in Aquaculture

AirOxi Pearl is a smooth finish very fine bubble aeration tube. The tube is designed to give very fine bubbles even with higher air flow. It needs more pressure, and the holes are very fine so the SOTR – Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate and hence the dissolved oxygen in the system is much higher than [...]

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Rigorous Testing Ensures AirOxi Products Are Of Top Quality And Better Than Cheap Knockoffs

How are AirOxi tubes better than cheap knock-offs and Chinese tubes. Rigorous quality testing of every coil of AirOxi aeration tube – you can watch our testing videos on our youtube channel or contact us for more information Continuous feedback from our customers and farmers on the product quality and the various suggestions they have [...]

AirOxi – NC 16 mm –The Best Performing Low Cost And Maintenance Aeration Tube

The process of aeration summons of approaches to ensure the process, by which air is circulated through, mixed with or dissolved in a liquid or substance. Aeration acquires water and air in close contact to eliminate disintegrated gases and to oxidize broke up metals, including iron, hydrogen sulfide, and unstable natural synthetic substances. The effectiveness [...]

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Various Plug And Play Submersible Aerators For Grow Out Fish Ponds

Ponds used for raising freshwater high density fish farming should have some basic features. A good supply of freshwater is important, and the soil must have excellent water-retention qualities. Soft or hard water of acceptable quality is the preferred water source for raising freshwater high density fish farming. Yet, in spite of these features many [...]

Aeration Solutions for Hydroponics

What is Hydroponics? Hydroponics is the specialty of cultivating without soil. Hydroponics is a Latin word signifying "working water."  Without soil; water goes to work giving supplements, hydration, and oxygen to vegetation. How Hydroponics Works? Hydroponics herbs, flowers, and vegetables are planted in latent developing medium and are provided with supplement rich arrangements, oxygen, and [...]

AirOxi STAR – The New Design Of AirOxi Tube Made Especially For Biofloc Aquaculture (BFT)

Air circulation is vital in aquaculture just like Aquaculture aeration. With the end goal of biofloc aquaculture, BFT or biofloc technology is the most suitable answer for air circulation. Biofloc innovation is a particular procedure of upgrading the nature of water in hydroponics by making a suitable harmony among carbon and nitrogen in the hydroponics [...]

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How To Minimize Maintenance And Cleaning Of AirOxi Tubes

The most cost intensive factors in the field of aquaculture include a feed of high quality, investment and of course filtration systems. Investments are requisite for offering sufficient space to cultivate and proliferate target species. In times of the burgeoning costs of production, researchers and farmers are encountering ways to generate more seafood, while making [...]

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