High Density Fish Farming and Tilapia

Tilapia ranks second after carp when it comes to most farmed fish in the world. The demand for this fish is very high in national and international markets and many farmers are getting attracted to tilapia fish farming these days. It can generate the best income for farmers if they follow the right method or [...]

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Good Cleaning Practices Between Cultures

Pond preparation is a critical aspect when it comes to shrimp and other type of fish farming. Many farmers have to deal with the risk of shrimp disease outbreaks and, such a situation leads to considerable decrease in production. Good cleaning practices between cultures assume an importance of paramount in such a situation. Smart farmers [...]

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Ways to Increase Growth Rate of Shrimp

Many farmers are looking for the most effective ways to increase growth rate of shrimps. The most effective way is to adopt a comprehensive method of approach and informed decisions must be taken at the right time to increase the density, growth and yield of the shrimp farm. Better aeration for shrimp growth always ensures [...]

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Treating Excess Ammonia in Ponds

In ponds, ammonia is produced by excretion of fishes, crustaceans, microbial decomposition of organic materials, urea and ammonium fertilizers, supplementary feed etc. Unionized ammonia fraction is more toxic to fish. A concentration of 0.02-0.05 mg l-1 of unionized ammonia is safe for fishes. The concentration of unionized ammonia increases with increasing pH and temperature and [...]

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The Effects of Ammonia and DO on Shrimp Farming

Excess ammonia accumulationis highly toxic to shrimp farming systems. When the ammonia levels get higher, shrimps find it really difficult to extract energy from feed. Consequently, they become lethargic and this situation leads to coma stage and death as well. The basic source of ammonia in shrimp farming is the fish feed. When the shrimps [...]

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Improving Immunity in Shrimps with Better Aeration

What can a shrimp farmer do to reduce shrimp mortality rate? Management of water quality is the most important aspect in any type of shrimp farming and the suitability or fitness of the water ensures smooth survival and reduces shrimp mortality in the best possible way. The farmers have to use the most advanced aeration [...]

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The Impact of High Density Fish Farming on the Fish Mortality Rates

Commercial fish farming has always been a profitable business venture. There is a lot of demand for fish and fish related products and, the demand has been increasing rapidly due to the rapid population growth. At the same time, a good number of farmers are worried about the impact of high density fish farming on [...]

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Farmers Can Save On Aeration Setup And Maintenance With AirOxi Tube

Since an aeration setup helps the farmers in aquaculture activities, they should resort to the best quality of tubes and products that will give them the maximum benefits keeping in mind Aeration Setup And Maintenance costs. They should opt for AirOxi Tube in order to save time, money, and energy while getting the benefits of [...]

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AirOxi Tube to Export Aeration Solutions to Egypt, Israel, and Africa!

AirOxi Tube manufactures the latest in aeration solutions for aquaculture and is helping farmers by providing efficient systems which do not require a very large investment. We not only manufacture aeration tubes, but also support farmers with installation and maintenance support. Our Aeration Solutions are used for commercial aqua cultural purposes across the country and [...]

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Indian Made Aquaculture Aeration Systems Trump Imported Options

Effective Aquaculture aeration systems are very important for the transportation of prawn hatchlings from the nursery to the farm or for the transportation of live grown prawns from the farm to various restaurants and other establishments that require live prawns. In India, prawn aquaculture owners or managers have so far depended on imported aquaculture aeration tubes for [...]

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