It is a well known fact that best aeration systems promote excellent fish health and high yield. When you set up or install an aeration system, you must be really vigilant to follow the right method of approach. Incorrectly installed systems do not offer you the expected results. What are the most important things to keep in mind as you install an aeration system?

Go for high efficiency systems that provide high aeration at low cost

Diffused aeration system offer high aeration because of high Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate (SOTR) while consuming only a third of the power used in traditional methods like paddle wheel aerator. So for high aeration, choose a diffused air system. AirOxi is one example of this and you can see many installations using this technology.

Choosing the right blower size is a very important aspect

You must really careful while choosing a blower and the correct size that meets the needs of your pond should be chosen. If your pond area comes around 1 acre, the blower size must be 3 to 5 HP and the most preferable tube quantity is 100 meters. For larger spaces, you need to increase the blower size and tube quantity as well. It is always advisable to use an ampere meter for the blower and you must also make sure that the installation of pressure gauge is done properly. Reliable aeration companies offer an installation guide to make you familiarize with all these aspects. For example: if you are purchasing an AirOxi Tube aeration system, you can find an AirOxi Tube installation guide.

Make sure that the aeration system is installed at the correct location

Many farmers undermine the importance of the location when it comes to installing an aeration system. This negligence is not going to offer you optimal results. When you install an aeration system, you have to ensure that it is kept 12 to 15 inches above the bottom of the pond. If the system touches the bottom of the pond after stoppage of the airflow, you may have to deal with issues like choking.

Reduce the load on motor by installing release valves

You should make use of release valves to prevent creating unwanted load on the motor. Even when you switch off blower, the tubes may contain some amount of water. Whenever you start the blower, the release valve should be kept open and it needs to be closed in a gradual way to prevent creating undesirable load on the motor.

Ensure that the tube installation is done correctly

You can find the rate load on the ampere meter when the blower starts functioning. All tubes must show the right amount of bubbles and the air flow should not be alarmingly fast or extremely slow. If you detect fast air flow, you can suspect inadequacy as far as the number of tubes is concerned. You need to increase the number of tubes to rectify this problem immediately.

Add valve to every line that emanates from the header pipe to tube grid, spiral or ring

This is a very important consideration. When you install valves at very lines, compensating airflow at different locations in the pond becomes a hassle free process. Air flow may not be the same at different places in the pond because of varying water depth at different locations. The importance of water pressure cannot be underestimated and the difference in pressure needs to be compensated using valves at suitable places.

Place the exhaust of the diesel engine correctly

When a diesel engine is used directly with the blower, you should place the engine’s exhaust minimum two feet higher from the blower. If you don’t follow this advice, the carbon particles may cause tube choking. Consequently, your pond gets filled higher amounts of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. This situation adversely affects the growth rate of the fish.

These are a few important aspects you need to consider while setting up an aeration system for your fish pond. There are many more things to be taken care of. Highly reliable aeration solution providers like AirOxi Tube provide AirOxi Tube installation guide to make everything transparent and you just need to follow these guidelines to install the system properly.

Installation Guide for AirOxi Tube Aeration System