Floating Diffusion Grid : An Aeration Solution For Farmers Looking To Try A Modern Aeration Solution

Our AirOxi Tube floating diffusion grid is a ready to use aeration system, fitted with aeration tubes and a blower on top of a frame that is floating on the surface of water. The blower and the motor are part of this aeration system outside water, while the aeration tubes are suspended at a depth [...]

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A Complete Aeration Solution For Fish Farmers Selling At Fish Landing Centers – Andhra Pradesh

Some terms about fish landing center This is a place where the poundage fishes are brought by the fisherman. There are two types of fisherman one is professional and the other is recreational and they both use this landing center for unloading the fishes. The landings are to be reported to the locations where they [...]

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Andhra Fishing Opportunities A Boon For Farmers

According to reports, the state of Andhra Pradesh has been dominating the aquaculture sector boasting of contributing about 86% of the country’s total production. It has been noticed that farmers have been lured by aquaculture when compared to traditional farming. As a matter of fact, brackish water aquaculture and land present under fresh water has [...]

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Benefits of AirOxi Tube Aeration Solution

When it comes to aquaculture, one of the most important factors that play a vital role is aeration. Yes, any kind of aquaculture will require proper aeration in order to sustain and grow. Aquaculture is growing rapidly in India and thus it has become important to provide the latest mechanisms in creating a better prospect [...]

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Effects of Better Aeration on Shrimp Farming – AirOxi Tube

With the development of new technology of aeration shrimp farming has evolved in a new phase. Shrimps require dissolved oxygen for its growth and metabolism. This enables the shrimps to grow faster and bigger. Thus aeration has becomes an indispensable part of shrimp farming all over the world. Different technologies of aeration are being used [...]

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AirOxi Tube A Water Aeration Solution Provider

India has always been a country of rich farming heritage and culture. The climatic conditions and the geographical location have provided us with immense opportunity to develop as a country with strong agricultural and aqua cultural background. Along with agricultural development India in the recent years has had immense growth in the areas of aquaculture. [...]

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Better Aeration Contributing To The Growth Of Aquaculture In India

One of the most important sources of our living is water. It is needless to say that water helps us in many ways. Even in farming water bodies plays a very important role. Fish is an essential source of food that requires vast water bodies. Other various creatures that are used as direct food or [...]

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Introducing Airoxi Tube – The Most Advanced Water Aeration Solution Provider

Technology has given uncountable gifts to humans and is still bestowing mankind with mind boggling innovations. Be it any field, technology has been fair to all. Talking about water aeration, it is a process that is carried out to increase the oxygen saturation of the water. Any process that is carried out by adding oxygen [...]

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Airoxi Tube – Providing The Perfect Aeration Solution For Aquaculture

With newer introductions noted on day to day basis, people are getting accustomed to accept the change in their lives – be it anything. Different concepts that have been used from years are now being modernized and modified through technology and one of them is aquaculture. What is aquaculture? Also known as aqua farming, aquaculture [...]

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