Biofloc technology (BFT) can be described as an innovative and affordable technology designed to enhance environmental control over fish production. This system converts toxic materials including ammonia, nitrite and nitrate into a beneficial product called proteinaceous feed. When there are highly restricted water exchange problems under high stocking fish density ponds or tanks, this is the most effective technology to be implemented for maintaining optimal quality, productivity, bio-security and sustainability.

Fundamental concept behind Biofloc system

The fundamental idea behind Biofloc system is the process of generating nitrogen cycle by sustaining better Carbon: Nitrogen ratio. It is being achieved through the stimulation of heterotrophic microbial growth, which absorbs the nitrogenous waste, and the cultured species make use of this waste as a feed. Fish farmers must realize the fact that Biofloc technology is not only highly efficient in addressing the waste but also provides the much needed nutrition to the fish.

How does Biofloc system maintain high water quality and growth rate?

BFT achieves high Carbon-Nitrogen balance through the inclusion of carbohydrate and it enhances the water quality by producing top quality single cell microbial protein. When such an atmosphere is created, development of dense microorganisms takes place and they work as protein food source as well as the bioreactor that regulates water quality. This situation creates an ideal setting for the fish to thrive in an effective and fast manner.

Most prominent benefits of Biofloc system

First and foremost, it is an eco-friendly culture system and the environmental impact can be reduced significantly. As a fish farmer, you do not have to worry too much about water exchange because this system demands minimal or limited water exchange. Since this method improves the fish survival rate, feed conversion and growth performance; you can expect optimal productivity. Another benefit is the improved bio-security and you can effectively prevent the risks associated with dangerous pathogens and water pollution. The BFT also reduces the use of protein-rich feed and the expenses involved with standard feed. Hence, you can describe it as a technology that promotes cost effective feed production. Since Biofloc system reduces the pressure on capture fisheries, you do not have to overly depend on trash fish or cheaper fish for preparing the fish feed.

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