Water quality is one of the most critical factors in determining the success of fish/shrimp farming. Fish depend on water heavily and it is the only place where they perform all their bodily functions. Fish need water to grow and they do not thrive in any other place. All types of fish breathe, feed and grow in water and in the same water; they excrete wastes and reproduce as well. In such a context, it is quite natural to say that clear cut awareness about the physical and chemical qualities of water is absolutely essential to make your fish farming efforts successful. It can be said to a great extent that water quality decides the success or failure of an aquaculture system. Water testing kit assumes an importance of paramount in such a situation.

Various parameters that determine the water quality in a fish pond

Since water quality is a decisive factor, you need to assess the quality regularly to provide the best environment for the fish to thrive. When it comes to analyzing the quality of water, you need to consider several aspects and they include pH, hardness, alkalinity, free carbon dioxide, nitrates, dissolved oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and phosphate.

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Regular and accurate monitoring of different substances is really vital

It is always advisable to check the pH at the same time each day. Most probably, pH levels are lower in the morning and you need to focus on achieving stability in pH levels instead of getting a specific value. If you make use of the best testing kits, you get realistic idea about the current value and necessary adjustments can be made to optimize pH levels. The amount of ammonia present in the pond needs to be assessed frequently and it is more toxic in water with a high pH. The availability of ammonia is highly fatal to fish health. When there are high concentrations of nitrates available, a toxic environment for the fish is created and you have to keep the nitrates levels less than 20 ppm. Dynamic testing kits allow you to check the nitrate levels precisely and you can also measure hardness, alkalinity, free carbon dioxide, phosphate and hydrogen sulfate using the best tools available in the market. The bottom line is that you need an advanced water test kit to analyze the water quality regularly.

Select the best testing kit

Various manufacturers have come up with different types of testing tools. When you search for buying one, you can come across testing kits with different features and benefits. It is always advisable to choose the best kits to make the process of water quality analysis highly accurate and systematic. Substandard products offer inaccurate results and remedial steps based on faulty analysis make things really worse.

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Benefits of high quality test kits

If you use the most advanced and qualitative products such as AirOxi Tube water testing kit, you can expect fast and precise results. They come with a compact design and excellent portability can be associated with them. These tools can be used to test a wide variety of parameters and trusted test kit manufacturers like AirOxi Tube supply chemicals with the kit that are capable evaluating 100 samples of each parameter. You can find a well designed operating manual with the test kit and it makes you familiarize with the test protocols and color charts in a crystal clear way to arrive at the best decisions.

Fish farming success rate is heavily dependent on aquatic environment management program. Even minor changes in the levels of dissolved oxygen or pH become really detrimental to the fish health. In order to maintain the environment optimally healthy, you need to monitor the water quality vigilantly. Undermining the importance of this vital aspect creates irreparable negative effects on the productivity of your fish farming system. Highly sophisticated and dependable products like AirOxi Tube water testing kit make the process of testing water quality highly hassle free and they offer the most precise results in a fast way to keep your farm productivity at optimal levels.

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