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AirOxi Octopus Aeration – An Ideal Solution for Hatcheries

By |September 16th, 2020|AirOxi Octopus Aeration|

Aeration refers to the process of increasing the oxygen saturation level of the water that is used for aquaculture or fish farming. Proper aeration plays a vital role in reducing the rate of mortality in fishes and promotes a healthy production of fishes that is quite beneficial for the fish farmers to enhance their profit. [...]

AirOxi Octopus Aeration – The Latest Addition to the Catalogue

By |August 31st, 2020|AirOxi Octopus Aeration|

AirOxi Octopus Aeration is the latest addition to the product range of AirOxi. It is a surface-maintainable and floating aeration system that plays a vital role in providing a fine or coarse bubble diffusion. The entire system is based on the use of a stainless-steel float pod where the diffusers are installed on the bottom [...]

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