Aeration tubes can be described as the next prominent advance in water aeration. AirOxi has always been serving the fish farmers by introducing high quality aeration products on a consistent basis. All these products embrace the latest technologies and innovation has always been a hallmark of their solutions. Using their experience and extensive knowledge, AirOxi has developed and launched the most advanced aeration tubing for hatcheries with 1-inch diameter inside and 1.5-inch outside diameter recently. It is the most durable, affordable and effective hatchery tube available on the market nowadays.

Improved aeration efficiency and amazing energy cost reduction

This new launch of hatchery tube has become a hot topic of discussion among fish manufacturers, aquaculture scientists and farmers. The aeration efficiency can be improved considerably with this product and they have been designed specifically for promoting optimal oxygen transfer through the pond or other types of fish containers. This tube grantees continuous bubble aeration and the farmers can enjoy amazing energy cost reduction compared to the traditional products available in the market.

Wide Range of Applications 

AirOxi Tube for hatcheries has been gaining in popularity in a fast manner. Several farmers have started using this aeration tubing for hatcheries successfully and you can also find this product being utilized in a wide variety of production systems and aquaculture species. No matter whether you are farming shrimp or any other type of fish, your conventional aeration tubes can be replaced with this dynamic tubing system to oxygenate the water with utmost efficiency. As mentioned above, this tube technology has a wide range of applications including hatcheries, recirculating systems, grow out ponds, cage culture and raceways as well.

An overview of most prominent advantages   

When you use this tube for hatcheries, air pumping takes place at a depth of 1 meter beneath the surface and this method of approach allows enough time for smooth and fast rise and dissolution of oxygen in the water. Another remarkable aspect is that this tube facilitates very fine micro bubbles and the surface area of the bubble becomes larger to promote optimal oxygen transfer from air to water. You don’t need to worry about any alarming sounds because it is fully noise-free and this tube does not cause any unwanted disturbance to the aquatic life. SOTR also known as Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate primarily determines the efficiency of an aeration tube for hatcheries. The SOTR of the new hatchery tube launched by AirOxi is three times higher compared to other types of tubes available in the market.  High improvement can also be associated with this tube in terms of Standard Aeration Efficiency (SAE) as well and you can also expect around 3 times higher efficiency in comparison with other products available in the market.  Within a short period of this new AirOxi Tube launch, it has managed to catch the attention of several farmers, aqua-culturists and scientists, and it can be said without a shadow of doubt that the positive responses and feedbacks are gaining momentum fast in a daily manner.

Hatchery Tube Specifications

What makes this tube different from other aeration tubes is its size and hence available flow area on the circumference. The size of this tube is 1” inside diameter and ¼” or 6.25 mm thickness. This ensures a high flow rate due to the large inner diameter, and a surface area that is 50% more than any other aeration tube available. In fact AirOxi Hatchery Tube of size 1” x 1.5” is probably the only one of its kind available in the world, developed through extensive R & D of the material properties. The fine bubbles and high bubble density per mtr length make it as much more efficient as the EPDM tube diffusers that are available in the market, at 1/4th the cost of such diffusers.

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Main disadvantages and concerns

Although it offers excellent advantages, a good number of hatchery owners are still a bit hesitant to use this new AirOxi Tube. They are mostly worried about the pond waste and algae getting stuck in the tube and thereby, causing clogging. It cannot be discarded as an illogical assumption. If you don’t maintain the tube in the way AirOxi advocates, you may have to deal with clogging. Moreover, algae available in the pond always stand in with a chance of getting into the tube irrespective of your tube maintenance intensity. That is exactly why AirOxi offers the most effective preventive maintenance tips for the users and a step-by-step cleaning formula is also provided to help you prevent clogging in the best possible way.

If you are looking for the most advanced aeration solution for hatcheries that promotes optimal fish production, you need to purchase this recently launched AirOxi Tube. It embraces the latest technologies to deliver the best results and you can enjoy benefits like improved immunity of fish, excellent dissolved oxygen transfer rate, very high food conversion ratio, speedy fish growth, high density stocking and the outstanding profits as well.

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