The success of a commercial fish farm relies on providing the best environment for speedy growth of fish at the minimum expenses of resources and capital. As a fish farmer, you need to have the right technology and tools to effectively manage the aquatic environment. Critical water quality parameters need to be met for maximizing fish health and growth rate. Aquatic environment can be described as a complex eco-system and it involves a wide variety of water quality variables including pH, suspended solids, dissolved oxygen, temperature, ammonia, alkalinity, nitrite and carbon dioxide. Although every single component is really vital, the interrelationship and the aggregate of these parameters have a greater impact on the growth rate and health of the fish. The most important parameters are pH, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Salinity and Temperature. These are the four key parameters that the AirOxi Aqua-combo meter can measure.

How to check different parameters accurately?

Since aquatic environment is complex, you have to measure the quantity of all these components in the pond correctly for providing the best environment for the fish. Trusted aeration system manufacturers like AirOxi Tube have come up with handheld water testing kit and these types of devices can be used to analyze the exact quantity of different variables available in the pond water. Most sophisticated combo meters can test for various parameters depending on their application.

How do best combo meters work?

Earlier, farmers used Winkler method and Titration to measure the dissolved oxygen (DO) available in a pond. Today, these methods have been replaced by handheld combo meters. Leading aeration solution providers have introduced advanced devices that allow for precise and fast analysis over a range from zero to super saturation. These types of machines make use of two types of electrodes and they include galvanic and polarographic. These meters come with an electrode that is capable of producing a signal corresponding to the concentration of oxygen in the water, and there is also instrumentation for converting the signal reading to a visual display. These devices need salinity, atmospheric compensation and temperature compensation, normally achieved by a blend of instrumentation and calibration software and hardware. Nowadays, you can come across several types of combo meters in the market launched by different companies and the prices of these models vary depending on the features and brand. You must conduct proper research prior to choosing one and it is always advisable to invest in a good combo meter.

Features and functions of best combo meters

Best devices like AirOxi Tube handheld combo meters are microprocessor based devices and they take measurements in a fast and accurate manner. These devices can be calibrated with absolute ease and it can be done by using just one button. They are equipped with large LED display for easy reading and you can also find features like altitude compensation, manual salinity and automatic temperature compensation. Other beneficial features of high quality combo meters are easy to replace electro module, auto power shut off, low battery indicator and consumption indicator. Optimal ease of use can be linked with the best water testing kit products because they are handheld devices that just need to be dipped in the water to take readings. Top devices offer 100% accurate findings and these results are being delivered in a fast manner as well.

AirOxi Tube is one of the trusted names in the aeration products manufacturing industry. As a reputable and reliable manufacturer, they have launched a good number of solutions to help fish farmers optimize fish production in a cost effective way. The combo meter that they have recently launched is one of the most sophisticated and highly effective handheld water testing kits available in the market and the feedbacks of the existing customers reassert this opinion without a shadow of doubt.