Recirculating aeration system or RAS is the most advanced method to enhance the production and profitability of high density fish farming for fish breeds like Tilapia. Most fish farmers have realized that most advanced aeration systems are necessary to generate optimal yield and it is always advisable to select a comprehensive aeration solution that makes use of RAS to ensure optimal oxygen supply. Highly dynamic RAS systems restore the dissolved oxygen levels in the entire water column and they remove the toxic gases to allow the fish to feed on the insects at the bottom with improved efficiency.

RAS promotes intensive fish farming optimally

If a farmer is worried about space limitation and plans to follow high density fish farming, he/she needs to implement recirculating aeration system performance of which can be improved with better aeration tubes like those manufactured by trusted companies like AirOxi Tube. A RAS system allows for more intensive fish farming and a better yield can be achieved within limited space and resource. Fish species like Tilapia grow well at high densities when proper water quality is maintained. For sustaining excellent water quality, you need most effective water recirculation and it renews dissolved oxygen (DO) supply effectively. A small deviation in the DO levels leads to the build of toxic waste, ammonia and it may result in mass damage over a period of time. Farmers need to be very proactive when it comes to handling fish species like Tilapia. Constant access to new fresh water must be guaranteed and it can only be achieved through an efficient RAS system.

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Maintaining excellent water and feed quality

A RAS system ensure excellent management of water quality and the filtration process becomes faultless to help tilapia thrive in the best possible way. Species like Tilapia need a healthy environment and they are highly resistant to stress. When there is a drop in DO levels or if there is an increase in ammonia levels fish species like tilapia become extremely vulnerable to stress. The best way to counter this build up is a  recirculating aeration system to maintain excellent quality of water and allow for better feed to create the perfect environment for the fish.

Summarizing the most important advantages of best RAS systems

High quality RAS systems maximize production using minimal resources and the farmers can have complete control over the environment to promote fast fish growth. When these systems are installed, fish farming becomes scalable according to the market needs and complete and convenient harvesting becomes a reality. If you make use of a good recirculating aeration system, you can grow a wide range of dish species in addition to tilapia and they include mussels, oysters, blue crabs, crawfish, striped bass and catfish as well. The most important advantages of top quality RAS systems can be summarized as 1) Intensive production 2) Efficient conservation of land and water 3) Location Flexibility 4) Species and harvest flexibility 5) High yield.

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AirOxi Tube manufacturers recirculating aeration tubes for high density Tilapia fish farming systems and these tubes ensure uniform distribution of dissolved oxygen to create an ideal growing environment for the fish. Farmers can install these tubes at the depth and the effectiveness of the aeration becomes manifold. These environment friendly systems allow the farmers to culture maximum amount of fish at a given space and the production goes unperturbed year around to enjoy excellent profits.

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