Launch of New Hatchery Tube by AirOxi

Aeration tubes can be described as the next prominent advance in water aeration. AirOxi has always been serving the fish farmers by introducing high quality aeration products on a consistent basis. All these products embrace the latest technologies and innovation has always been a hallmark of their solutions. Using their experience and extensive knowledge, AirOxi [...]

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Biofloc System and How Aeration is Essential to Get a Proper Biofloc System

Biofloc technology (BFT) can be described as an innovative and affordable technology designed to enhance environmental control over fish production. This system converts toxic materials including ammonia, nitrite and nitrate into a beneficial product called proteinaceous feed. When there are highly restricted water exchange problems under high stocking fish density ponds or tanks, this is [...]

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Use of Disc Diffusers for Hatcheries

When it comes to fish farming, nothing is more important than proper distribution of dissolved oxygen (DO). Sub-optimal DO levels are a major limiting factor in aquaculture. As a fish farmer; you need to make use of the best technology to ensure effective distribution of oxygen and thereby optimizing the production. Leading manufacturers of aeration [...]

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Recirculating Aeration System and Tilapia Farming

Recirculating aeration system or RAS is the most advanced method to enhance the production and profitability of high density fish farming for fish breeds like Tilapia. Most fish farmers have realized that most advanced aeration systems are necessary to generate optimal yield and it is always advisable to select a comprehensive aeration solution that makes [...]

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Indoor Fish Farming Tools and Techniques

If you follow the right method of approach, indoor commercial fish farming is a not a difficult task. First of all, you need to find a suitable space and then, purchase the species and required equipment to start the journey of fish farming. Most importantly, you need to conduct proper research on fish farming methods [...]

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Introducing the Combo Meter

The success of a commercial fish farm relies on providing the best environment for speedy growth of fish at the minimum expenses of resources and capital. As a fish farmer, you need to have the right technology and tools to effectively manage the aquatic environment. Critical water quality parameters need to be met for maximizing [...]

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The Importance of Water Testing for Fish / Shrimp Farming

Water quality is one of the most critical factors in determining the success of fish/shrimp farming. Fish depend on water heavily and it is the only place where they perform all their bodily functions. Fish need water to grow and they do not thrive in any other place. All types of fish breathe, feed and [...]

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The Latest Technology in Aeration – Recirculating Aeration System

Nobody can challenge the fact that pond aeration is really critical to the potent health and vivacity of fish. When your pond does not have adequate oxygen, fish get stressed and the growth rate comes down significantly. Inadequate oxygen at the pond bottom results in fish waste buildup and it also leads to the excess [...]

How To Get Best Results From Your Aeration System

It is a well known fact that best aeration systems promote excellent fish health and high yield. When you set up or install an aeration system, you must be really vigilant to follow the right method of approach. Incorrectly installed systems do not offer you the expected results. What are the most important things to [...]

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High Density Fish Farming and Tilapia

Tilapia ranks second after carp when it comes to most farmed fish in the world. The demand for this fish is very high in national and international markets and many farmers are getting attracted to tilapia fish farming these days. It can generate the best income for farmers if they follow the right method or [...]

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