When it comes to fish farming, nothing is more important than proper distribution of dissolved oxygen (DO). Sub-optimal DO levels are a major limiting factor in aquaculture. As a fish farmer; you need to make use of the best technology to ensure effective distribution of oxygen and thereby optimizing the production. Leading manufacturers of aeration systems like AirOxi are coming up with a lot of innovative products to meet the ever evolving needs of different types of aquaculture systems. Disc diffusers for hatcheries can certainly be described as one of the most effective and sophisticated equipment available in the market.

Good quality diffusers deliver fine oxygen bubbles

A balance between additional expenses of aeration and any increase in fish production is well represented by the selection of the aeration system and the daily operation. Although several people are using surface aerators that combine oxygen injection and water circulation in ponds and big tanks to a limited extent, you can make use of diffuser-based systems that are capable of injecting fine oxygen bubbles really close to the bottom with the help of the blowers that supply air at reduced low pressure. When it comes to big tanks and ponds, oxygen needs to be distributed over a large area. In such a situation, submerged diffusers form a large interface area between the water and bubbles when the air rises to the surface in a gradual manner. The major cost involved with dissolved oxygen control through aeration revolves around the electrical consumption and it needs to be balanced against the capability of the aerator to transfer oxygen to the water. If you are not using highly advanced aerators like AirOxi Tube and still depending on conventional aerators like paddle wheels, you would often end up losing very high quantities of kinetic energy throwing the water into the air. Consequently, the transfer efficiency comes down considerably. This problem can be addressed with the help of installing submerged diffusers because they are equipped with improved transfer efficiency.AirOxi Tube Disk Diffuser

Cost effective disc diffusers with optimal air flow

Leading manufacturers like AirOxi have introduced exceptional quality disc diffusers and tube diffusers made from HDPE and EDPM. These types of products are excellent for systems that need more air flow compared to standard diffusers. These advanced aquaculture disc diffusers allow you to consolidate air into lesser amount of diffusers by providing optimal airflow. Thus you can save a lot of money and time for installation.

High quality tube diffusers with excellent durability and temperature tolerance

You can also find highly sophisticated and functional AirOxi tube diffusers that are made using EPDM and the air flow rate of these products are unbeatable. When you compare the operating temperature range and temperature tolerance of these products with other tube diffusers available in the market, you can easily find that they are truly superior.

Other prominent qualities and features of AirOxi diffusers

Since these diffusers are made using molded EDPM membranes, outstanding wall thickness tolerances can be associated with them. They don’t shrink overtime like some of the substandard products available in the market and enhanced piping system integrity can be linked with these products. The double anchors and thicker wall pipes offer maximum protection against breakage and you can expect a harmonious blend of technically sophisticated product design, outstanding component quality and engineering excellence when you choose AirOxi disc or tube diffusers.  Easy installation and minimal maintenance are other two qualities that can be associated with these products.

If you are not using AirOxi Tubes, you can use these tube and disc diffusers for hatcheries to ensure optimal supply of dissolved oxygen. AirOxi has launched the most advanced and highly affordable diffusers or fine bubble aerators that are capable of delivering excellent oxygen transfer efficiency to help farmers and hatchery owners maximize their production and profitability. You can expect trouble free operation with AirOxi diffusers and other prominent qualities include great ease of installation and low maintenance as well.

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