AirOxi is a leading name in providing highly efficient and effective aeration solutions for aquaculture. Aeration is extremely important in aquaculture or fish farming and in cases of other similar uses such as transportation of fish, fish tanks, and bio floc. The aeration solutions from AirOxi make sure that the fish farmers can complete their work without any interruptions. Now, to make the work even easier and more convenient for the fish farmers, AirOxi New Spider is the latest launch. The new product is even more beneficial than the previous AirOxi model. So, let us learn a bit more about this new model of AirOxi Spider and its features as a very useful product for an effective aeration.

About AirOxi New Spider

The AirOxi New Spider is an extremely efficient and ready to use set of convenient aeration. The product is easy to use and all the parts required in assembly are included in the set as in case of the previous model. No additional labour cost is involved since the assembly can be done with ease and convenience. Let us learn more about the AirOxi New Spider and its uses.

  • Larger Body Size

The AirOxi New Spider has a larger body size as compared to the previous model so that it can fill in more weight. Now, filling in more weight allows the product to be used in even more depths with ease and convenience.

  • Standard Height

The AirOxi New Spider comes with a standard height which makes sure that the product can be used with reversible bottom plate of size five inches or seven inches. The standard height of the new model ensures a much better compatibility, thereby enhancing the level of satisfaction among the users.

  • Spare Parts Included

The AirOxi New Spider includes all the essential spare parts so as to make the set a ready to use one. The new model comes with six 8 inch long AirOxi Algae Resistant Tubes amounting to a total of 48 inches / 1.5 metre for ensuring a perfectly balanced flow of air. This, in turn, makes sure that the aeration is extremely effective. The new model of AirOxi Spider comes with a ½ inch inlet nipple which is same as in case of the previous model.

  • Adjustable Height

The Aix Oxi New Spider’s height can be adjusted as per the requirements. Additional pipes can be very easily attached to the same for increasing the height according to the need, especially in case of grow out ponds.

  • Lockable Bottom Lid

If there is a need to lock the bottom lid, it is possible with the AirOxi New Spider. The bottom lid can be conveniently locked with the help of a cable tie, wire, or fasteners as per the requirements in aquaculture.

Uses of AirOxi New Spider

The AirOxi New Spider finds a wide range of applications due to its enhanced features as compared to the previous model. This new model can be readily used in the nurseries, bio flocs, tanks, PE lined ponds, and even the grow out ponds. The product’s enhanced applications make it one of the most preferred among the users.

Thus, at any point of time, you are search of the best aeration solutions for aquaculture or fish farming, you need not look any further and come to AirOxi for the most efficient as well as effective aeration solutions.