The importance of proper and effective aeration cannot be neglected at any cost by the fish farmers. Without proper aeration, fish farming or aquaculture would be very difficult. The rate of mortality of fishes would increase and profit margin of the farmers would go down significantly. This is exactly the reason as to why AirOxi always stands by the side of the fish farmers and provide them with the highly efficient as well as effective aeration solutions. The new AirOxi Smooth Plastic Diffuser is one of the latest additions to the product catalogue of Aix Oxi. Let us learn more about the new product below.

About AirOxi Smooth Plastic Diffuser

This new diffuser is made up of a porous membrane for specialised applications in aquaculture where there is a need of white or translucent product for easy visibility, along with a very smooth surface for an easy as well as convenient cleaning. This new AirOxi Smooth Plastic Diffuser gives a very little back pressure, thereby making sure that the product works very well with almost all types of blowers, air pumps, oxygen cylinders, and generators.


The new AirOxi Smooth Plastic Diffuser has aa size of 12.5 mm or ½ inch with 2 mm thickness. The diffuser has a pore size of 50 microns for a very easy flow. The diffuser is available in a standard length of one foot which makes it convenient to use. The flow rate of the diffuser is 10 LPM per foot or 0.6 metre3 per hour. The material with which the diffuser is made is highly porous in nature and therefore requires very careful handling. Care needs to be taken that the diffuser in not bent. For making sure that the diffuser is not bent, it comes with a connector nipple of size ½ inch or 16 mm and an end plug.

Uses of New AirOxi Smooth Plastic Diffuser

The AirOxi Smooth Plastic Diffuser finds a wide range of applications particularly very useful in the nurseries and bio floc that are carried out in the HDPE tanks. This, makes it easy for the fish farmers to continue with their work.

Benefits of Using AirOxi Smooth Plastic Diffuser

The new AirOxi Smooth Plastic Diffuser offers a few benefits to the fish farmers that are as listed below.

  • Cost effective in nature
  • High flow rate
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Small size makes the product perfect for use instead of the air stones, hence vet convenient

So, if you are looking forward to a cost effective yet very effective diffuser, you can certainly opt for AirOxi Smooth Plastic Diffuser without any hesitation. Moreover, AirOxi being a vastly experienced campaigner in the field of manufacturing of efficient and effective aeration solutions, all of its products are of the highest standards without any compromise in the quality or usefulness.