AirOxi now offers three specially designed aeration tubes especially for Biofloc culture and Nurseries, where floating particles are high and choking happens often. 

They have a special shape or material composition to ensure high movement of water and floc, as well as low choking. So maintenance and cleaning required is less frequent. And to make them easy to use, all three new tubes are compatible with existing fittings. And you can even use them in the AirOxi Spider. And like all our aeration tubes, these too come with assurance of consistent quality at reasonable prices.

1. AirOxi – FL – A special design (patent applied for) that has crest and troughs. This unique design gives air at higher velocity from the trough / lower thickness area. No air flows out from the higher thickness area / crest. Because of this unique design, air flow comes out with much higher velocity and hence provides the required movement of water and floc in BFT and nurseries. This also results in reduced choking and blocking of the aeration tube, thus reducing the frequency of cleaning. 

2. AirOxi – BFR – This aeration tube has about 20% bigger holes and bubble size than regular aeration tubes. The material composition is made so that the particle size and holes are bigger. This causes the surface of the tube to be rough, so this model of our aeration tube is often called AirOxi Rough Tube. The bigger bubbles leave the surface of tube with higher speed and hence provide movement of water and floc that is so critical in Biofloc culture and nurseries. The bigger holes also ensure less clogging of the holes and hence reduced maintenance.

3. AirOxi MecTube – One of a kind of aeration tube, this product is similar to the EPDM diffusers, but with much smaller holes than in EPDM diffusers. The holes are about 0.4 mm or 400 microns, and the tube thickness is 1.5 mm. The inside diameter is suitable for 16 mm standard fittings used in aquaculture industry. The holes being large enough, there is sufficient movement of water. The large hole of almost 400 micron size ensures that the micro particles floating in the water do not clog the tube. 

AirOxi has always been at the cross hairs of innovation and technology, and continues to launch new products for improving diffused aeration in the aquaculture industry.

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