How are AirOxi tubes better than cheap knock-offs and Chinese tubes.

  • Rigorous quality testing of every coil of AirOxi aeration tube – you can watch our testing videos on our youtube channel or contact us for more information
  • Continuous feedback from our customers and farmers on the product quality and the various suggestions they have for improvement
  • Research on latest materials and technologies available to develop new products for the diffused aeration industry

The same obsession for quality and innovation has led us to develop and launch 3 tubes especially for biofloc technologies

Biofloc aeration is different from aeration in growout ponds in 3 very distinct ways

  • Aeration required is intense because the BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) is substantially higher due to probiotics and phytoplankton that feed on the sludge – to ensure the carbon-nitrogen cycle is balanced. The dissolved oxygen required is hence quite high as compared to grow out ponds
  • Usually, Biolfoc aquaculture is done in tanks or small-sized ponds, often indoors or covered in shade, in order to manage them better. This results in a smaller surface area of the water exposed to the atmosphere and hence the natural dissolution of oxygen is less, so artificial aeration needs to be much more than in grow out ponds, and yet the traditional methods of paddlewheel aerator or
  • The floc needs to be constantly moved and the water movement needed is high. So the diffused aeration needs to also agitate the water. Hence the diffused aeration system cannot be very fine as done in hatcheries, otherwise, it may give good dissolved oxygen but still, the performance may not be suitable for BFT

Armed with this information AirOxi has developed and launched 3 special aeration tubes :

AirOxi NC – 16 mm

AirOxi – NC 16 mm aeration tube is made by creating precise holes at equal distances in a thin-walled tube. The bubbles are about 50% bigger than the high-quality AirOxi tubes, but these bubbles quickly break down in the sludge and floc in the water. As a result, the overall Dissolved Oxygen is still good, and the large bubbles give the water a high movement.

Due to the good water movement, and the big bubble size that breaks down with floc and sludge, it is ideal for Biofloc and mud bottom ponds

AirOxi – NC 16 mm is

  • Lightweight
  • High airflow – 2 m3/hour or 30 LPM per meter
  • Large bubble size that breaks down in the presence of sludge and floc
  • Low cost – can be treated as a one-season product
  • Low wall thickness making it easy to clean IF at all it gets blocked
  • Moderate SOTR – oxygen dissolving capacity is about 20% less than AirOxi aeration tube
  • Very good water movement provided by the bubbles
  • Works at very low pressure and can be used with root blower, ring blower or even air pumps

AirOxi Star

The new design of AirOxi tube star especially made for aquaculture provides three major advantageous highlights:

  • Aeration with minimum cleaning and blocking
  • High movement of water
  • Reduced back pressure on the blower motor

The tube has crests and troughs along the length – it’s unique design makes sure that very fine bubbles are released from the troughs and not from the crests.

This special design offers air at greater speed from the trough in the decreased thickness area. This ensures no air flows out from the greater thickness location of the crest. Because of this special design, air float comes out at a higher pace and as a result, offers the required motion of water in BFT aquaculture offering better aeration. This additionally affects the decreased choking and blockading of the aeration tube, as a consequence lowering the frequency of cleaning and also offers superior aquaculture aeration.

And since the air is released in a smaller surface area, it comes out with pressure and provides the movement needed in biofloc tank.

AirOxi Xtra

Features and Functionality of AirOxi Xtra

AirOxi Xtra is a specialized rough finished tube with a large bubble size and 25 mm outside diameter. It is becoming the product of choice for many biofloc consultants who see the benefit of good water movement and moderate aeration. AirOxi Xtra has a large bubble size which reduces oxygen dissolution by about 20% as compared to the other high-efficiency AirOxi Aeration tubes. However, the water in biofloc farms has a very high number of suspended particles – sludge, waste, probiotics, etc. As a result, although the bubbles are bigger at the exit from the tube, they breakdown almost instantly and provide good SOTR and oxygen dissolution. Air flows out in bigger bubbles allowing greater movement. The flow of air is 30 LPM / 2m3 per hour per meter which is even though the same as the regular aeration tube but with a bigger micro bubble size, so the holes don’t get blocked soon and maintenance required is less. Since the tube is low choking, with greater functionality it is one of the most preferred choices among the fish farmers.

Overview of our Quality

Every roll of AirOxi tube goes through 8 rigorous quality checks of dimensions, flow rate, and material properties

Let’s take you through the various challenges that our product has to meet before it reaches you:

  • Our AirOxi tube products are ISO 9001:2015 certified, which ensures meeting all the international quality standard tests that product certification requires.
  • All AirOxi tubes are RoHS certified – They do not contain any Hazardous material as defined by the RoHS standard
  • We ensure fittings and accessories are available for all models and sizes
  • Every roll is tested for the flow rate of a minimum of 30 LPM / 2 m3/hr
  • We regularly install various batches of tubes in our test tanks and check which formulations of raw materials work best

These quality testing and maintenance processes provide us an opportunity to bring our customer’s AirOxi tubes, which are unparalleled in quality metrics and perform far better than those of the Chinese knock-offs that are available at a similar or little cheaper price.

That is why we always suggest please check the AirOxi Hologram mark before buying tubes for your aquaculture or hydroponics requirements. To save a few rupees, customers often end up spending thousands of rupees in replacing the tubes, again and again, so thoroughly ensure you get the value of your money’s worth from the product you purchase.

Why Choose AirOxi Tube

AirOxi Tube is an Indian brand operating from Gujarat, and the company has manufacturing expertise of more than 50 years. Our decades of experience in the field allow us to deliver the best to our customers. As an Indian organization, we also think like Indians, that is why we understand the value of the money that our customers spend in buying the tubes. It is because as an Indian organization we are not limited to selling and purchasing products, instead, we ensure that the entire aeration solution is provided to the aqua farmer. Our quality testing metrics ensure what you buy from us is the best in the market. At AirOxi tube we serve our customers with premium quality products and service guidelines. To know more about our products please get in touch with us call: +91 7285017087