Although aqua farming has seen many technological advancements inclusive of aeration, it is still necessary for aquaculture farmers to keep a check of four main water parameters namely; Temperature, pH, Salinity, Dissolved oxygen (DO), especially associated to high density farming of shrimps and fishes.

It is important to do so as in cases of high density the different parameters become more sensitive to slight changes in it.

The aqua combo meter is a tool that has been created to aid the aquaculture farmer to keep check on these parameters. Single instrument replacement equipment for all pH meter, DO meter, Salinity meter and Temperature gauge.

Important features include:

  • Is hand held for easy checking DO near pond.
  • Measurement of pH in least count of 0.01, Salinity up to 42 ppt, Temperature up to 50°C
  • Easy and simple calibration. Calibration function are auto with no requirement of manual setting.
  • Settings notify of gauge health and farmer can figure whether they require replacement or calibration.
  • Reading displayed accurately and instantly.
  • Calibration by single button, making usage simple and easy. Significant benefits concerning aquaculture farmers such as altitude, salinity and temperature highlighted by LED display.
  • Ease of replacing and handling electrode, making meter cost effective.
  • Amount of power consumed and battery level highlighted by indicators along with provision of auto shutdown. Ease of combination with practically every testing kit and product.

AirOxi Combo meter that measures the key water parameters it has been especially tailored to be simple, portable, and easy to use while meeting the general environmental standards.

AirOxi Aqua Combo Meter

Key features of it include:

  • Able to measure; Conductivity up to 69mS, pH range of 2 to 12pH (at 0.1 resolution), salinity up to 42ppt, DO level up to 30ppm and temperature 0-60°C.
  • Suitable for environmental water checks, open or closed water systems, aquaculture monitoring, waste water control and more.
  • Calibration is, single point calibration at a preferred Conductivity range, 3 point buffer recognition calibration for pH and in-air calibration for Dissolved Oxygen.
  • Strong and rugged with waterproof rating at IP67 for use in harsh weather conditions.
  • Regular 1 meter cable probe for pH and conductivity and 3 meter cable probe for DO for measuring. Able to store up to 99 data points in memory.
  • Easy to use, even site workers can operate it.

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