The Aquacombo meter is especially designed for complete simplicity, portability and ease of usage which meets general environmental measurements. This meter is ideally suitable for Aquaculture monitoring, environmental water checks, open or closed water systems, waste water control etc. This meter is strong and rugged with a water-resistant rating at IP67 for use in harsh weather conditions. Now everybody, even site workers can manage this simple Aqua Combo meter.

This water testing equipment can be used to measure vital aquaculture parameters such as dissolved oxygen, water concentration, pH, conductivity and hardness. With the help of this water testing kit any stressful environmental conditions can be identified and analyzed very quickly as well as easily.

  • pH: It is a measurement of the degree of alkalinity or acidity of water. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 14. The well being and health of the culture stock can be credited to the pH level. Each cultured species has a favored pH range in which it will grow best and reproduce.  Thus, a pH level near to their native environment is the best. A well – maintained pH level will lead to less stress and thus decreasing sickness and deaths. The Aquacombo meter is perfect for the measurement of pH for an effective aquaculture.
  • Water Concentration: In the cultured water tank, the chemical loading and dissolved mineral salt contents are unseen. High concentrations result in intolerable living environments for any water species.  This can result in anxiety, because of induced expel of extreme water caused osmosis imbalance, which eventually causes death to aquatic life.  The Aquacombo meter is specially designed to determine water softness. They are used by professionals to provoke breeding of certain fish species and are a fast way to gauge water softness.
  • Dissolved Oxygen: In aquatic culture dissolved oxygen is one of the most vital parameters. All commonly cultured species require oxygen to survive. With Aquacombo meter, oxygen measurement can now be made in situ. The meter has good repeatability, high performance and high accurateness measuring from 0 to 20 mg/l.
  • Temperature: Temperature is the most vital environmental variables for all marine organisms. An increase in water temperature increases the metabolic rate of aquatic organisms and thus their energy requirement.  Aquacombo meter offers temperature measurement as part of the measuring system.
  • Hardness: Hardness is the total concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in water.  Water containing large concentrations are known as hard while those containing small concentrations are known as soft. Aquacombo meter is specially designed to measure water softness.

AirOxi Aqua Combo Meter

Thus, it can be clearly understood how the Aquacombo meter helps in the measurement of the most vital parameters of aquaculture.

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