Introduction An Aqua Combo Meter

The Combo meter is an excellent tool for a fish or shrimp farmer. As a fish farmer, you need to have the right technology and tools to effectively manage the aquatic environment by monitoring vital parameters like  –  dissolved oxygen, ammonia, Salinity and Temperature and more. Read more:

Why Should Fish And Shrimp Farmers Invest In An Aqua Combo Meter?

Fish farming has seen innovation across the segments of technology used in farming, including in the area of aeration. However in spite of the development it is important for fish farming owners to check the water parameters regularly, especially for the high density farming of shrimps and fishes. This is necessary because in high density, the parameters are very sensitive and a slight change in one can lead to catastrophic events. The introduction of AirOxi Aqua Combo meter has helped many farmers, especially those with nurseries to keep a check on the 4 major parameters – Temperature, pH, salinity and Dissolved Oxygen (DO). Hence it is a single instrument replacing DO meter, pH meter, Temperature gauge and Salinity meter.

Some key features of the Aqua Combo meter are:

  • Aqua Combo meter can be hand held to check the dissolved oxygen (DO) in the water.
  • pH can be measured in a least count of 0.01
  • Salinity can be measured upto 40 ppt
  • Temperature can be measured upto 50 degrees
  • Calibration is very simple and easy, with auto calibration functions and no manual setting is required
  • Conductivity and salinity both can be measured.
  • Salinity can be measured in % as well as ppt
  • DO can be measured in % as well in ppm
  • Salinity can be put in
  • There are settings which will show the health of the gauges and the farmer can check if they need calibration or replacement.
  • Accurate and instant display of reading
  • Usage is calibrated by a single button, making it easy and simple to use
  • LED display highlights important compensation for farming of shrimps and fishes, like salinity, altitude, and temperature
  • Easy handling and replacement of electrode is another teasing feature at a low cost
  • Indicators highlights power consumption and low battery, with auto shutdown of power facility on the mechanism
  • Goes easily with almost all testing kit and other products

AirOxi Aqua Combo Meter

The combination of all parameters that can be measured in one meter, makes it a necessary testing equipment to have for grow out farms and nurseries

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