Anyone who owns or runs a prawn aquaculture farm knows the importance of maintaining optimum oxygen levels in the water for the prawn hatchlings when transporting them from the nursery to the farm. If the oxygen levels get too low, the prawn hatchlings will not survive the journey from the nursery to the farm. If the oxygen levels get too high also, the extra oxygen will place too much of a stress on the fragile prawn hatchlings and they will not survive. So it is very important that the oxygen levels are maintained at levels that are just right for their survival.

How to achieve optimal levels of oxygen during transport

Almost always, the prawn hatchlings are transported from the nursery to the farm in the back of a truck, so an effective aeration solution during transport is crucial to the successful survival of the hatchlings.

What a Mobile Aeration Unit Does

A mobile aeration unit blows air into the water to increase the content and level of oxygen in the water and maintain it at required levels. Usually farmers use an oxygen cylinder to pump oxygen in the water. The requirement of an oxygen tank is sometimes an added expenditure for the owners of the aquaculture. It is an added hassle that can also be dangerous to transport.

A Simple and Effective Solution

Our aeration solution during transport involves the use of a blower that runs on a 12v battery. This is designed and manufactured exclusively by AirOxi Tube. The tubes used is made with a blend of special materials with holes in it for maximum dissolution of oxygen in the water. Because it is battery run and does not require an oxygen tank, it is more lightweight, affordable, safe, and effective than other types of mobile aerators.

The benefits of our AirOxi Tube Solutions are many – the oxygen is dissolved through small bubbles in the water, unlike other methods that produce oxygen by splashing the water, which has high chances of damaging the tender prawn hatchlings. The oxygen also gets dissolved much faster than traditional methods. Where it would take one hour to dissolve a certain amount of oxygen in the water, now with our mobile aeration unit, the same amount of oxygen dissolution can take place in just 20 minutes. This will be very beneficial for aquaculture farmers and hatchery owners.