Every aquaculture farmer is always concerned to maintain the optimum levels of oxygen in the water for the fish / prawn hatchlings. The maintenance of the optimum levels is even more important if you wish to transport them from the nursery to the farm. Any kinds of disturbances in the levels of oxygen at the time of transportation is harmful for the hatchlings and they might die as well. This is exactly the situation as to when a mobile aeration unit comes to the rescue of the business owners.

Our mobile aeration unit is just the ideal solution when it comes to the transportation of the prawn / fish hatchlings from the nursery to the farm. We at AirOxi Tube manufacture the best mobile aeration unit so as to make sure that the ideal levels of oxygen that is never drops thereby making it a perfectly suitable environment for the prawn hatchlings to survive.

Transport live fish/shrimp upto 2 tons. Aerate 5000 ltrs of water while transporting live sea food, with AirOxi mobile aeration system. Email info@airoxitube.com for more information.

What Does the Mobile Aeration Unit Do?

The mobile aeration unit utilises a blower to blows air into the water at the time of transportation of the prawn / fish hatchlings from the nursery to the farm at the back of the vehicle. This blowing of air enhances the level as well as content of oxygen in water and necessarily maintain it at the required level. In general, the prawn farmers make use of an oxygen cylinder for the purpose of pumping oxygen in water. But the need of an oxygen tank is many times an added expenditure on the part of the owners of the aquaculture which is not required in our solution. Thus, our mobile aeration unit helps in making the process of transportation safer and more cost efficient. The oxygen is transferred into the water with the use of cylindrical diffusors.

How Mobile Aeration is Beneficial for Live Transportation

The mobile aeration unit provides a number of benefits to the prawn farmers at the time of live transportation of prawn hatchlings which are as listed below.

  • The optimum level of oxygen is maintained
  • It is run by a battery and does not need an oxygen tank which enhances the convenience of use
  • It is easy to install
  • It is economic and affordable
  • The oxygen is dissolved through small bubbles in the water and not by splashing the water which reduces the chances of hurting the delicate prawn hatchlings

Mobile Aeration Unit consists of :

  • 12 Volt – DC Blower with an airflow of 240 Lt per minute @ 0.18kg
  • 8 plastic cylindrical diffusor ( each 12 inches long )
  • Manifold of tubes and pipes

Thus, it can be very well understood as to how beneficial it is to use the mobile aeration unit for live transportation of prawn hatchlings from the nursery to the farm. Now, at this point of time, if you are looking forward to the top quality mobile aeration unit, no other option would be as good as the solution provided by AirOxi in this regard.