Effective Aquaculture aeration systems are very important for the transportation of prawn hatchlings from the nursery to the farm or for the transportation of live grown prawns from the farm to various restaurants and other establishments that require live prawns. In India, prawn aquaculture owners or managers have so far depended on imported aquaculture aeration tubes for this purpose.

Disadvantages of imported aquaculture aeration tubes

The drawback of imported Aquaculture aeration systems  is that these tubes are built and designed for international quality and standards of water for the aquaculture farms in those particular countries. However, when it comes to India, the type of water, the quality of the water, and the standard of the water differs. The result is that these aeration tubes, although they may work great in their country of origin, when it comes to India, they deliver different results.

The results of these aeration tubes have been observed to be either too little oxygen dissolved in the water or too much oxygen dissolved in the water. Either way, it is stressful for the tender prawn hatchlings and even for adult prawns who do not then survive the journey. This affects the overall return on investment of the aquaculture business.

Why choose a Made In India aquaculture aeration tube

Today, there are aeration tubes made in India, like AirOxi Tube, that are created and designed specifically for Indian conditions. Since it is tailor-made for the Indian scenario, keeping in mind Indian water conditions and quality, it delivers the right amount of oxygen every single time. It is also much more economical than its international counterpart. It also ensures that the prawn hatchlings or adult prawns reach their destination in perfect shape and form without any damage at all, which only goes to secure and increase the profits of the aquaculture owners.

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The benefits of AirOxi Tubes

AirOxi Tubes are created with a special blend of materials that have holes in them to facilitate greater dissolution of oxygen in the water without the use of any paddles or pumps or oxygen tanks. This result in more dissolution of oxygen in the water, at much faster rates, and without any damage caused to the prawn hatchlings or adult prawns due to splashing from paddles or large bubbles from an oxygen tanks. The bubbles produced by AirOxi Tubes are much smaller yet more powerful and effective than others.

All of this means that aquaculture owners get more value for money with the Indian made tubes than expensive imported tubes!

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