If you deal in the transportation of seafoods and seeds or there arises a need for the same at any point of time, it becomes quite a difficult task. You might be thinking as to what would be the best solution in this regard which necessarily gives rise to a lot of confusion along with endless worries. Now, to eliminate the worries, tensions and confusions of the users, AirOxi has come up with an effective solution in this regard. The newly launched mobile aeration system is just ideally suited for the transportation of live seafoods and seeds without any kinds of worries. Here are the details about the new mobile aeration system that you should know.

A Complete System

The mobile aeration system is a complete system that consists of one DC blower, eight nos. plastic diffusers, one manifold and valves.

Easy Connectivity

The new mobile aeration system from AirOxi conveniently connects with any of the 12 volt commercial vehicle such as a pick up truck and three wheeler LCV.

Take a look at our video of latest Mobile Aeration System:

Easy to Use

The system is simply plug and play, hence undoubtedly the easiest to use. This not only saves time at the time of installation but also does not require any additional labour for the completion of the process of installation.

Great Performance

With the mobile aeration system, there is simply no need of carrying oxygen cylinders since the system is capable enough to provide sufficient aeration as long as the vehicle in running during the transportation process of the seafoods and seeds. The system has a robust blower that offers great performance which has the ability to continuously run for hours providing 120 watt power and 240 LPM air flow. The plastic tube diffusers are of low pressure each with a capacity of 5 LPM.


The costing is quite an essential part in this regard. The approximate cost of the mobile aeration system from AirOxi costs about 60000 INR. Six pieces of AirOxi Spider can be used for the reduction of cost to about 40000 INR per system.


Each of the mobile aeration system from AirOxi has the capacity of aerate about 5000 litres of water in the tanks with seafoods and seeds. The system has the capacity of transporting of up to two tonnes of seafood over long distances.

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Thus, with the new mobile aeration system from AirOxi, the users can very easily and conveniently transport live seafoods as well as seeds in a smooth manner without any kinds of interruptions or hampering the quality of the content at the time of transportation.