Are you into bio floc fish farming or planning to get into it? If yes, then you are most likely also looking for an estimate of aeration material needed for the size of your farm as well as the cost of that aeration system. Look no further. Get your answers on our easy to use AirOxi Calculator

It is a thoughtfully designed calculator with all important parameters, to give a good estimate of the aeration material required for different farm sizes, as well as the cost of that material.  

AirOxi’s online calculator will prompt you to punch in certain key parameters such as the pond size, salinity, aeration design, etc. Once you submit the details, the calculator will evaluate the approximate cost and material requirements, to enable you to instantly get an idea about the investment needed. 

Depending on the size of the farm, the cost of AirOxi Aeration System can vary from a few thousand rupees to a few lakhs! It can be daunting, confusing and time-consuming, to call various people and understand the variables and then calculate the material needed for one’s farm size. We are happy to share that we have simplified this entire process for farmers with any size of farms. We have designed  AirOxi calculator that is easy and convenient to use. It calculates the material required and overall cost of the aeration system in just a few easy clicks. Just enter a few details and you will have the information on your screen!

  • As a thumb rule, for aeration 

1 ton biomass of shrimp at harvest will need 1 HP blower and 25 metre AirOxi tube

Whereas 4 ton biomass of fish will need 1 HP of blower and 25 metre of AirOxi tube. The approximate cost for a pond of one hectare would be something around 1.5 lac rupees. However, the cost would come down with the addition of pond area. 

But please note that the calculation mentioned above is an approximation based on very general data. For more specific calculation of your aeration system requirement, please visit our website and access our AirOxi Calculator. The calculator also considers variables such as salinity, water temperature, type of pond, etc. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go to, fill in a few details and get your estimate, instantly.


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