AirOxi Tube is one of the most trusted, reputed, and reliable names when it comes to aeration tools, equipment, and solutions. Aeration is of immense importance in case of fish farming and the fish farmers are always in search of premium quality aeration solutions. This is where AirOxi steps in, to provide comprehensive and quality aeration solutions to enable fish farmers to obtain the desired results.

Each of the products manufactured by AirOxi Tube strictly adheres to the set standards, leading to ease of installation, use and maintenance.. 

AirOxi Tube presents a wide range of good quality aeration tools and equipment to ensure that our customers do not face any glitches at the time of operation. Furthermore, AirOxi Tube offers an exhaustive range of aeration systems and solutions to cater to the specific needs of every fish farmer, irrespective of the size of their farm.

Buying the Genuine AirOxi Tube Products

Of late, it has come to our knowledge that spurious merchants are supplying material in the name of AirOxi! As these cases have started increasing, we have decided to address this problem to ensure that our clients do not end up buying fake products. To make it easier for our users identify genuine AirOxi products we suggest two simple steps: 

Step 1 – Check for AirOxi Hologram

All AirOxi packaging will now have the AirOxi Tube hologram on it. Once you see the AirOxi Tube hologram on the package, you can be sure that the product is genuinely from AirOxi Tube. Please note that if you find the hologram is missing, then it is not a genuine AirOxi product. 

Step 2 – Instantly check the Product Code on the Hologram with AirOxi Tube website

In addition to the hologram, users can also find a code on the hologram which is also referred to as the product code. Every AirOxi product, packaged on or after (date?) will now have a unique product code. Users can visit the and enter the code on the hologram to check whether the product is genuine or fake. When the users enter the product code and click on search, the site would clearly indicate whether the purchased product is original or not. 

With the help of these two methods, users can easily and quickly identify a genuine AirOxi product and stay away from fake products.