Limiting factors in Aquaculture

The most cost intensive factors in the field of aquaculture include investment in pond-space, high quality feed, and of course filtration systems. Investments are requisite for offering sufficient space to cultivate and proliferate target species. In times of the burgeoning costs of production, researchers and farmers are developing ways to generate more seafood by using less resources.

Biofloc Systems by AirOxi

AirOxi presents a pocket friendly and innovative solution to convert the toxic materials from fishes like Nitrite and Nitrate to protein-based feeds, called Biofloc systems. With zero or minimal water exchange and high density of stocking, Biofloc systems are prevalent in aquaculture systems.

AirOxi’s Biofloc systems are extraordinary in terms of reducing the impact on environment, improving water as well as land usage efficacy, zero or limited exchange of water, enhanced rate of survival, performance and growth, conversion of feed in fish culture systems, water pollution reduction, augmented biosecurity, introduction risks and pathogen spreads. It also diminishes the usage of protein-based feeds usage as well as standard feed costs.

Biofloc systems have been gaining popularity due to its low cost means of purifying the culture water of shrimp and fishes, while also offering added feed sources. Most critically, incorporating the principles of Biofloc entails minimal investment, as a source of carbohydrate, sunlight as well as adequate aeration are necessary elements.

Need expert advice?

In case you are looking for efficient solutions of aeration, then reach us for an expert consultation. Aeration, being pertinent to management of the dissolved levels of oxygen and aquaculture, a lack of knowledge on the necessary aeration tubes can jeopardize your plan of aquaculture system leading to failure. Understanding the best of aeration tubes, is a solution that AirOxi can offer. With a broad spectrum of aeration tubes for high density fish farming and Biofloc systems, AirOxi Tubes can surprise you, pleasantly!