With the development of new technology of aeration shrimp farming has evolved in a new phase. Shrimps require dissolved oxygen for its growth and metabolism. This enables the shrimps to grow faster and bigger. Thus aeration has becomes an indispensable part of shrimp farming all over the world. Different technologies of aeration are being used around the world for the best farming of shrimps. Fresh water shrimp farming has become quite popular with farmers because of its huge demand. Ponds are used for farming shrimps of varied sizes and types. Aeration is an important factor for shrimps to survive and grow especially in fresh water and thus framers use the technique of aeration to helps dissolve oxygen in the water.

Different factors that requires attention:

Water quality

Shrimp farming requires proper technological inputs in order to make it a success. The quality of water will depend on the type of fish species you are planning to grow. One of the most important factors of fresh water shrimp farming is the quality of its water.Shrimps require a good flow of oxygen in order to survive and grow. And this can only be done with the help of mechanical aerators. These aerators will keep the temperature of the water to its optimal state and it will also facilitate in maintaining a healthy pH balance so as to keep the shrimps healthy. Aerators keep predators away as well as help in keeping the water free from diseases, germs and unwanted weeds. Clean water makes it a great place for the fresh water shrimps to survive and grow faster.

Temperature control

Temperature control is another vital thing that requires attention. When you are farming shrimp it is very important to keep the temperature of the water to its optimal level throughout the process. If you have your pond in a place that is cooler then you would need to keep the temperature at a level where the shrimp will be able to survive. Solar heaters are used in areas where there is a cooler temperature than it is needed for shrimp farming.


This is the most important part of any aquaculture and thus for your shrimp farming it is mandatory. The level of oxygen has to be optimal and only mechanical aerators can help you dissolve oxygen in the pond. You can check the oxygen with oxygen meter.  While there can be various methods through which oxygen can be infused in the water but the most effective and reliable is aeration and that can only be done with AirOxi Tube.

Benefits of AirOxi Tube in shrimp farming

AirOxi Tube manufactures sophisticated and mechanised aerators that are way better than the traditional paddle aerators. Mechanised aerators can dissolve more oxygen in the water and keep it clean from diseases, germs and weeds that can be a threat to the shrimp farming. For the best aquaculture aeration system make sure that you are using India’s number 1 aeration system, AirOxi Tube in your pond. It is cost effective and very effective for any kind of aquaculture and especially shrimp farming.

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