India has always been a country of rich farming heritage and culture. The climatic conditions and the geographical location have provided us with immense opportunity to develop as a country with strong agricultural and aqua cultural background. Along with agricultural development India in the recent years has had immense growth in the areas of aquaculture.

Aquaculture involves a wide range of farming and similar activities that includes fish farming as a major part. The growth of aquaculture in India has facilitated the economy in many ways. The development and farming of various aquatic organisms have been made possible using the latest technology.  One of the most important parts of aquaculture happens to be the aeration system. Only proper aeration system can help in yielding better harvest and that is why it becomes an imperative to install good aquaculture aeration equipment to facilitate growth.

Importance of Aeration in Aquaculture

Farmers who are willing to invest in aquaculture must understand that only proper technology can help them make profits from their water harvest. Whether it is fish, shrimps or mussels water requires proper flow of oxygen in order to make it habitable for the aquatic organisms to thrive. The framers must have enough information and knowledge about pond sanitation, growth rates, disease control, effects of temperature and salinity, breeding habits, overcrowding and stresses. That is why it becomes an imperative to introduce and implement aeration in aquaculture. Aeration is a process that enables oxygen or air to get circulated and mixed in the water. This process facilitates in the growth of aquatic organisms that needs oxygen to survive. The oxygen when gets dissolved in the water becomes one of the key factors for the sustenance of the fish and other organisms.

Why do you need AirOxi Tube as your water aeration solution?

Water aeration is essential for any type of aquaculture. Whether it is plants or fish that gets harvested requires proper aeration. Harvesters are using the most advanced aeration system all over the world in order to maximize their yields. Aquaculture is completely commercial where farmers and harvesters invest in yielding aquatic crops that mainly consists of fish. That is why it is always best to use the top quality aeration system. AirOxi Tube is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to top grade equipments for aquaculture. The technologies and material used by AirOxi Tube is of high quality and thus it is worth the investment.

Benefits of AirOxi Tube

There are various benefits of AirOxi Tube that makes it the numero uno choice of every farmer in India for their aquaculture. Let us take brief look at the most important ones:

  • It helps in reducing electricity costs. This is important for every farmer to reduce costs in aeration for aquaculture.

  • It helps in dissolving oxygen uniformly 24 hours a day. This keeps the water habitable for the organisms round the clock

  • The system does not hamper the aquatic life in anyway. It helps in their growth.

  • It has got very low maintenance.

  • It facilitates in improving the ratio of food conversion.

With all these benefits and many more AirOxi Tube is definitely the best one farmers can get for their ponds.