When it comes to aquaculture, one of the most important factors that play a vital role is aeration. Yes, any kind of aquaculture will require proper aeration in order to sustain and grow. Aquaculture is growing rapidly in India and thus it has become important to provide the latest mechanisms in creating a better prospect for farmers who are into aquaculture.

Unlike agriculture aquaculture requires special attention to all the species that are being farmed and that is why it becomes an imperative for the farmers to use the latest methods of aqua farming. Whether you are farming fish, mussels, shrimps or any other species you would need to keep the water clean, disease free, full of oxygen and weed free. Proper aeration system can help a farmer get all these benefits. AirOxi Tube can help provide all these benefits about aquaculture aeration solution and much more. Let us check out the benefits that one can get:

Dissolve oxygen round the clock

Traditionally paddle aerators were being used by the farmers in order to dissolve oxygen in the water. But this traditional method splashes up water which does not prove to be so effective as the mechanised ones. AirOxi Tube provides the best mechanised aerators that are very efficient. The effective technology of the AirOxi tube enables the oxygen to get dissolved through small bubbles which come up on the surface slowly and thus you get more oxygen than the traditional paddle aerators which splashes more water but is less effective. AirOxi Tube enables 3 times faster dissolve of oxygen than the paddle aerators.

Keeping the pond aquaculture ready

AirOxi Tube can keep the water of your pond infused with optimum level of oxygen throughout day and night. Since it is mechanised and can dissolve oxygen faster than any traditional aerating device, it can help in keeping the oxygen level of the water to the requirement of different aquatic species. Generally fish and shrimps are cultivated by the farmers and thus ponds are kept clean of weeds and germs.

Low consumption costs

Aeration system requires electricity round the clock. Supply of electricity without any failure is essential to keep the pond aerated all the time. AirOxi Tube provides aeration system that provides undisputed aeration and that too at very low electricity consumption.

Improves the food conversion ratio

It has been seen that AirOxi tube aeration system can improve the food conversion ration of the pond than any other aeration company. It is because of the constant bubbles helps in keeping the food particles in the water floating rather than settling down at the bottom of the water body.

Very low maintenance

Unlike the traditional paddle aeration system AirOxi Tube provides the latest mechanised system that contains very few moving parts. This makes the maintenance very simple and easy. The system does not come with too many motors that can break and it also does not have parts made from iron than can rust. SO the longevity of the system is quite high and the maintenance is very low.

Keeps other aquatic lives undisturbed

For any aquaculture aeration solution the farmers must check if the other life forms in the pond are getting affected anyway. AirOxi Tube the bubbles created by the system not only keeps the fish and shrimps in good health but also other aquatic beings like snails, mussels and shellfishes.

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