The AIRE-O2TM Aspirator Aerator from Aeration Industries International is a horizontal aspirating aeration system that is well-known for providing easy access, easy installation and minimum maintenance. It is famous for its performance and reliability and it has been serving the needs of the wastewater industry since several years now. This helps in improving wastewater treatment with elevated removal rates of BOD or Biochemical Oxygen Demand and suspended solids. The surface aspirator aerator provides a revolving propeller that forces water outward horizontally past the end of the duct at high velocity. This makes a void drawing air down the duct into the water. On top of the water line, atmospheric air is drawn through intake ports and travels through the vacant drive shaft to be dispersed in a large plume all through the water.

As diffused into fine bubbles, about 2.0 mm in width, the oxygen has extended contact time with the water. The volume of the plume differs with the size of the aspirator aerator which can be from 2 to 100hp. Appropriately placed, the AIRE-O2 TM Aspirator Aerator units can make a “flow linkage” that delivers mixing and oxygen dispersion consistently and methodically all through the whole basin irrespective of its size or shape.

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How AIRE-O2 TM Aspirator Aerator performs in harsh conditions?

  • Its hard-wearing design is trusted to perform in harsh conditions.
  • With the increasing usage and challenge caused by evidently flushable wipes, the customized AIRE-O2 TM Aspirator Aerator with a bigger stainless steel antifouling propeller and housing for low maintenance operation excels in intense debris conditions.
  • Mounting options and flexible sizing permit for easy installation in a range of applications and even oxygen dispersal all through the whole basin, irrespective of its size or shape.
  • It performs efficiently during the winter months thereby proving how kit can perform in the harsh conditions
  • This product is highly energy efficient thus one can rely on it at the time when the conditions are harsh.

Besides this, AIRE-O2 TM Aspirator Aerator requires minimal maintenance and is very much environment friendly and hence this product is so much preferred.

Whether you have off-line or in-line equalization lagoons or basins with a big surface area or small deep tank; AIRE-O2 TM Aspirator Aerator’s flexibility can assist in creating a solution to fit your requirements. They can help you reduce flow and loading spikes by offering mixing with or without aeration to permit your downstream treatment facility to run effortlessly. Moreover, as AIRE-O2 TM Aspirator Aerator has years of experience they can provide you with trusted solutions.

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AIRE-O2 TM is a registered trademark of Aeration Industries International of USA. AirOxi has partnered with Aeration Industries International to distribute its products in India.

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