Many farmers are looking for the most effective ways to increase growth rate of shrimps. The most effective way is to adopt a comprehensive method of approach and informed decisions must be taken at the right time to increase the density, growth and yield of the shrimp farm.

Better aeration for shrimp growth always ensures excellent results. You must conduct proper research to learn about the best solutions available and it is always advisable to depend on reliable aeration solutions provider to meet your farming needs in the best possible way.

Here are the 4 most popular and effective methods to enhance the shrimp growth:

Providing quality feed and proper maintenance and management

Qualitative and dependable feed must be given to the shrimps to ensure faster growth. You must offer high quality feed and it is a good option to use natural feeds. The feed given needs to contain all the nutrients to maintain the shrimps in good health and to achieve expected growth performance. Proper car must be ensured by quality care. If you employ some workforce, you have to make sure that they are dedicated and disciplined. In order to get an increase in shrimp production per unit and per area, you definitely need upgraded level of expertise in the management.

Proper water management

You must keep water at certain levels to promote maximum fish growth. It is not only the depth but the quality of the water is critically important to help the shrimps thrive faster. In intensive farming systems, high amounts of metabolites are excreted into the water and the unused feed also reaches the bottom of the pond to make the water polluted. For preventing the deterioration of the water quality, you have to freshen the pond water in a continuous manner. Fresh water must be allowed come into the pond from the water source and the old water needs to be drained correctly with the help of the outlet gate. Extensive cleaning methods should also be employed between cycles to keep the cleanliness at optimal levels.

Offering the best supplements

A wide range of feed ingredients can be utilized to make your own supplemental feeds. The easiest fish feeds can be made at the pond site with the help of raw materials that are locally available. You need to combine the right ingredients to ensure proper distribution of all nutrients. You can use rice mill sweepings, copra meal and corn or rice bran as the carbohydrates sources and they need to be combined with animal protein such as snail meat, shrimp heads, slaughterhouse leftovers and trash fish meal. This combination meets the requirements of all types of shrimps and proper awareness about the correct dose promotes faster growth in a speedy manner. Various manufacturers also offer different types of commercial feed preparations and they contain ingredients such as shrimp head model, bone meat, blood meal and fish meal. You can also find carbohydrate sources such as wheat, rice bran, and mineral and vitamin premixes in the market. Since these supplements consist of crude protein ingredients, the protein requirement of the shrimps can be met quite easily. Different formulations of these supplements like finisher, grower and starter are capable of providing the right amount of nutrients at different growth stages of the shrimps.

Using the best aeration solutions

Aeration plays a very vital role in shrimp farming. If you make use of high quality aeration solutions for shrimp growth, the pond output undergoes tremendous transformation. They provide optimal help in diffusing the atmospheric oxygen into the pond water and the most suitable dissolved oxygen levels can be achieved with great ease and comfort. Dynamic aeration solutions maintain the feeding zone neat and clean and, they help the sediment accumulate at the central area of the pond. You can easily achieve uniformity in water circulation and the nutrients can be mobilized in the water column in a hassle free manner. Top aeration methods create a highly aerobic environment for improving the phytoplankton growth and decomposing the organic matter effectively as well. Most importantly, ammonia elimination becomes a reality and dissolved oxygen also gets stabilized.

What do all these aspects indicate? If you want to increase the growth rate of shrimp effectively, you must make use of highly effective aeration solutions for shrimp farms. These solutions increase the growth rate of shrimps with utmost efficiency.

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