In high density fish farms, highly efficient aeration system of immense importance. These farms have a depth of 6 feet or more and are looking forward to an energy conservative as well as cost efficient solutions for aerations for their farms which would save time, money and effort yet get an effective result. In this regard, the AIRE-O2 Aspirator Aerator would undoubtedly be a very good choice.  The AIRE-O2 Aspirator Aerator is a horizontal aspirating aeration system which is quite effective in providing easy access, easy installation along with minimum maintenance, therefore an ideally suited product that serves the intended purpose at its best.

How AIRE-O2 Serves the Purpose?

The performance of AIRE-O2 and its reliability in the increase of Dissolved oxygen in high density fish farms is just phenomenal. The product has been designed in such a way that it essentially serves all the needs and requirements of the aquaculture and specifically the high density fish farming industry. This product distributed by AirOxi plays a vital role in helping in the improvement of the Fish farm with elevated removal rates of BOD or Biochemical Oxygen Demand and COD . The surface AIRE-O2 aspirator aerator provides a revolving propeller that forces water outward horizontally past the end of the duct at high velocity. This, in turn, makes a void drawing air down the duct into the water. On top of the water line, atmospheric air is drawn through intake ports and travels through the vacant drive shaft to be dispersed in a large plume all through the water.

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Now, as diffused into the fine bubbles which are of a size of about 2.0 mm in width, the oxygen has extended contact time with the water. The volume of the plume varies with the size of the aspirator aerator that ranges from 2 to 100 horse power. The AIRE-O2 aspirator aerator needs to be appropriately placed for the purpose of making a “flow linkage” which delivers mixing as well as oxygen dispersion consistently and methodically throughout the entire basin of the farm irrespective of its size or shape.

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Why AIRE-O2 Aerators?

AirOxi is one of the most trusted, reliable and reputed manufacturers of aeration systems in Gujarat that are perfectly suited to serve the exact purpose so as to ensure hundred percent satisfaction among the users. AirOxi has tied up with Aeration Industries International (a new terra company) of USA.

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AirOxi is the official distributor of the AIRE-O2 aspirator aerator for aquaculture industry in India which is just the best suited product to be efficiently and effectively used in the high density fish farms. This product acts as a cost effective option in the industry along with being highly efficient. In an addition to this, the AIRE-O2 aspirator aerator is designed to perform in harsh conditions so as to ensure that no damage is done to the product itself, its efficiency and its functionality.