The new AirOxi directional flow grid is revolutionary technology that can changed the face of aquaculture aeration. Aqua farmers using AirOxi aeration system with diffused method of aeration are very happy with the high aeration generated through AirOxi tube and blower system. However many customers had to still buy or use existing paddle aerators for water circulation and movement that is so crucial in grow out ponds.

To solve this problem and provide high efficiency aeration at a low cost, with controlled water flow, AirOxi introduces the AirOxi Grid with directional flow design.

The product is not only available at lower price compared to its predecessor like paddle aerator and other resembling product in the field but also provides higher and better grade quality performances. Unlike the paddle aerator and other similar products which move water only up to 2 feet below the surface, new AirOxi directional flow grid is much more advanced technology in every aspect. The product can be submerged to required depth in the water, from where it will provide aeration, as well as provide water circulation. Further it does not require any additional equipment to provide flow to the water.

Take a look at our video here:

The new AirOxi directional flow is a simple and practical way to increase aeration and never have to use paddle aerators.

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