Oxygen is the essence of fish farming and each of the fish farmers very well know the importance of oxygen for fishes. A sufficient amount of dissolved oxygen in the medium of aquaculture plays a crucial role in keeping the fishes or shrimps in a healthy condition. At the same time, oxygen is vital for reducing the rate of mortality of the fishes at the time of farming which is immensely beneficial for the fish farmers. Now, for the maintaining an optimal level of oxygen in the medium of aquaculture, the turbine blower serves a great purpose. But at this point of time, it is extremely important to select the turbine blower appropriately since there are different types of turbine blowers available in the market. To eliminate the confusion among the fish farmers, we have listed a few important points to consider at the time of selecting turbine blowers for fish farming that are as follows.

Choosing a Well Known Brand

At the beginning, it is essential to choose a trusted, reputed, reliable manufacturer so as to make sure that you can get the best quality product. Selecting AirOxi for buying turbine blowers would be a great idea since it is one of the leading brands in providing top notch aquaculture solutions. Local turbine blowers might not last long and at the same time, it might not serve the intended purpose of use in an appropriate manner.


The next thing to check is the durability of the turbine blower. The turbine blower so selected for fish or shrimp farming should be durable enough to last for a long period of time without compromising on the functionality of the product.


Manufacturing material of the turbine blowers needs to checked before purchase. The blowers made of high strength materials are robust and functions best. The AirOxi turbine blowers are usually made of die cast aluminium to ensure the products are strong, durable, and effectively serves the intended purpose of use.


Efficiency is a matter of immense importance in case of the turbine blowers. At the time of selecting the turbine blowers, it is to be kept in mind have a clear idea about the efficiency of the turbine blowers and whether it is capable enough to fulfil the exact needs for which it is going to be used. The efficiency depends on the motor of the turbine blower which needs a careful inspection while buying. Turbine blowers from AirOxi comes with a high volumetric efficiency that is beneficial for fish or shrimp farming.


It is essential to check the frequency of the turbine blowers while buying. Difference frequencies such as 50 Hz, 60 Hz, and others are available in the market. The selection should be made according to the precise needs of the fish farmers.


Amount of maintenance required is a factor that needs consideration at the time of selecting the turbine blowers for fish or shrimp farming. A good quality turbine blower should virtually be maintenance free, and should be corrosion resistant as well, to last for a longer period of time without any deterioration in the functionality of the blower.

Needs and Suitability

Finally, it is of great importance to select the turbine blowers depending on the exact needs such as size of the tank or pond of aquaculture, volume of fishes, and other associated factors to make sure that the turbine blowers selected are a perfect match.

Why Choose AirOxi?

AirOxi is a trusted name in providing the best aquaculture solutions. Premium quality turbine blowers are available at AirOxi, that meets all the necessary standards to suit all the needs in the best possible way. The turbine blowers are available in different capacities which can be chosen as per the needs in fish or shrimp farming. To know more about our products, get in touch with our team.