Are you a progressive aquaculture farmer? Then you must know the importance of aeration!

At AirOxi Tube we also believe that a sound aeration system is the bedrock for success in aquaculture. So in order to provide good dissolved oxygen, aeration process for grow out ponds of fish and shrimp, AirOxi offers a range of sub surface diffused aeration products – the best among them being the Scorpion Aerator.

Let’s see what exactly is a Scorpion Aerator and how it can help you in the process of aeration.

What is a Scorpion Aerator?

A Scorpion Aerator is a blend of mechanical and diffused aeration system, which can assist in regular aeration as well as urgent and additional aeration support whenever required in aquaculture. It is a powerful jet aerator that sucks in air from the surface and pushes the air into the water to mix out at a depth of half a meter. It is a highly efficient alternative to paddle wheel aerator and provides movement of water in all direction. With an easy to assemble design, Scorpion Aerators are one of a kind aeration system that can provide a fast and immediate aeration solution for all types of aquaculture ponds – whether fresh water or brackish water, whether for fish or shrimp.

Advantages of Using Scorpion Aerator

Besides being a fast and immediate response for aeration requirement the use of scorpion aerator reflect other numerous advantages over regular paddle wheel aerator and other traditional aeration solutions:

  • The maintenance cost of Scorpion Aerator is extremely low when compared to other alternatives in the same segment. There is no gear box or paddings or moving parts to be repaired or replaced.
  • Because Scorpion Aerator is a diffused aeration system they have a much SOTR (Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate) and hence higher amount of Dissolved oxygen is generated per HP of power used.
  • Scorpion Aerators are ready to use technology and hence cuts down on the hassle that comes with assembling of machine when compared to many aerators
  • The Scorpion Aerators are plug and play subsurface aerators making them one of a kind aeration solution, because all other similar technology like paddle aerator etc. are surface only technology

These advantages makes the scorpion aerator stand out in the market over its competitors when it comes to aeration solutions.

Specifications of Scorpion Aerator

An Insight to the various specifications of Scorpion Aerator is reflected below:

  • Model of Jet Aerator – 3HP and 5HP motors
  • Biomass Support – 600Kg per HP
  • Per Hectare number of model required – 2 pcs of 5 HP
  • SS304 and PVC Pipe Body with easy assembling facility
  • 1 year warranty period
  • Cost Price – 45,000 to 60,000/- INR

These are some of the important specifications that come with the scorpion aerator.

Features of Scorpion Aerator

Some of the important features of Scorpion Aerator are as follows:

  • Type of Aeration – Part mechanical and part diffusion
  • Functioning type – Subsurface mechanism
  • Bubble Size – 5 mm
  • Dissolved Oxygen per hour per HP – 2.0 kg
  • Stock Density – Low to Medium
  • Noise – low
  • Feeding time usage – avoidable
  • Maintenance Cost – very Low

So if you are have grow out ponds and are looking for an economical solution for aeration, then scorpion aerators are just the right technology for you.

Why Choose Us

AirOxi Tube is one of the most trusted, reputed, and reliable names in the field of providing premium quality aeration systems for effective fish farming and aquaculture. AirOxi Tube offers a wide array of tools and equipment for providing the right aeration precisely as per the requirements of the fish farmers. The users can get our scorpion aerator aeration technology system of their choice from 5 and 3 HP models that is best suited for their aquaculture business. If you wish to know more about the fast, effective, efficient and immediate aeration solution, get in touch with our expert team at AirOxi Tube for getting the best solutions in this regard.