If you are into the business of production of shrimps and fishes then you might be looking forward to increase your margin of profit. One of the best ways to do so is nothing but reduction of the cost of production. If the cost of production for the shrimps, fishes etc. can be reduced, then your profit margin can be increased significantly. Now you might be thinking of how to reduce the production cost and this is the exact situation where AirOxi Tube comes to the rescue.

How Cost is Reduced?

The primary way of reducing the cost of production of the shrimps, fishes etc. is by making the aeration more efficient and effective at the same time. This is usually done in the following ways.

  • The products from AirOxi Tube requires comparatively less power for the aeration of ponds of a similar size thereby cutting down on the cost of electricity.
  • The products help in the increasing the productivity to a significant extent increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in the pond. The products are used are extremely efficient and hence cost is reduced.
  • Stocking density can be made perfectly ideal with the products by AirOxi Tube which attempts to achieve a maximum production of fishes from a minimum quantity of water. The fishes are fed with wholly formulated feed in this case.

Range of Products

AirOxi Tube is offering the users with a wide range of products for diffuse aeration which are extremely efficient and effective as well as cost effective in nature thereby playing a vital role in reducing the cost of production of fishes. The products offered are as listed below.

All of these products from AirOxi Tube would certainly help the users to gain a competitive advantage over other similar products to get the best possible results. But at this point of time, the manufacturer recommends the use of a combination of the high efficiency tubes, algae resistant tubes and the high flow tubes for a lower cost of production along with a highly efficient aeration. This makes sure that the production is high but production cost is lowered so that the margin of profit can be increased to a great extent.

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