If you are into shrimp farming, then it is extremely important for you to take a very good care about the growth of the shrimps as well as their immunity. The main reason behind the fact is that both the growth and the immunity of the shrimps are the main aspects of shrimp farming business. Thus, it becomes quite crucial for the shrimp farmers to make sure that they are able to reduce the mortality rate and focus on their growth as well as immunity.

At this point of time, the management of the overall quality of the water is of immense importance for the purpose of ensuring the smooth survival of the shrimps in the best possible way. The amount of dissolved oxygen plays a crucial role on the growth and immunity of the shrimps. The optimum levels of dissolved oxygen in the water from shrimp farming is higher than 5 ppm. The concentration of the oxygen decreases with increasing depth of pond. In an addition of this, the rate of dissolved oxygen is reduced with the rise in temperature or the salinity of the water. Hence, all these factors need to be properly addressed. For effectively increasing the levels of dissolved oxygen in the pond, diffused aeration is the best way to do so.

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So, it becomes quite clear as to how important role the dissolved oxygen in water plays in case of shrimp farming. Thus, to ensure the maintenance of optimum amount of oxygen at all time, the use of aeration tubes would be just perfect. These aeration tubes are designed in such a way that there is no restriction to the flow of air. By allowing continuous rate of high flowing air bubbles, the rate of dissolved oxygen is appropriately maintained which is just great for the growth as well as immunity of the shrimps. The aeration tubes play quite a vital role in reducing their mortality rate and ensure a very smooth farming of the shrimps which is certainly of a great benefit to the shrimp farmers.

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