A better aquaculture aeration is vital for healthy fish growth and life. Inadequate oxygen level makes fish and aquaculture life become stressed making their growth rate slow. Further, lack of oxygen at the bottom of the pond will allow the build-up of fish waste and other organic nutrients. The material decays can further lead to the build-up of toxic elements which can be harmful to fish farming.

Maintaining the proper level of oxygen dispersion in your aquaculture ponds is critical to the success of your operation. Poor dissolved oxygen levels, fluctuating water temperatures, and stratification can all negatively affect fish health and pond production. AirOxi Tube offers the latest technologies for aquaculture aeration. It is designed especially for commercial aquaculture and has been successfully installed in hundreds of acres of aquaculture ponds. It has high efficiency in both salt water and fresh water.

With the huge market demand and understanding the farming culture and better aeration requirement in the maricultural industry, AirOxi has come up with its new product Aire-O2 Series II sub-aquatic aerator specially designed for uniform oxygen dissolve at pond bottom. It oper­ates by cre­at­ing a par­tial vac­uum under the water, draw­ing air through the shaft and dis­pers­ing it into the water in a hor­i­zon­tal direc­tion. As the pro­peller rotates, it induces a flow of atmos­pheric air through the air intake ports on the shaft located above the water sur­face. This air is then drawn through the channel, past the pro­peller, and exits in a high veloc­ity stream of fine bub­bles as it is dif­fused into the water.

The motor of the aerator comes with 2HP, 3 phase high quality which produces enough current, through which air can be drawn from the surface and formed into fine evenly distributed bubbles. The diffused air aerates from the bottom up and the circulation created from the fine bubbles displaces the surrounding water, thus breaking up stratified water areas. The consistent flow services the pond to turn over by carrying cool bottom water to the surface, where it elevates the additional oxygen up from the atmosphere. Thus, the dissolved oxygen remains always high. Through the eutrophication process (of faeces and feeds) there is usually oxygen deficit at depth, therefore this system works to an adjustable depth and introduces the oxygen where it is needed, not only on the surface. The benefits of Aire-O2 Series II Aerator are:

  • The aerator works as an ice-clearing machine in winter when it is positioned near the water surface. Strong circulation also eliminates pond stratification and organic matter deposition.
  • Produces fine bubble aeration as defined by the EPA (less than 2.2 mm in size) that ensures optimum oxygen transfer efficiency.
  • Further, the aerator also removes excess algae production, toxic substances, mud and any other suspended particles by improving the water quality.
  • The Aire-O2 Series II Aerator comes with the adjustable angle from 25 to 60 degrees for different depths of the pond.

The AirOxi Aire-O2 Series II Aerator creates good circulation with a less amount of water by making consequent energy savings.

Along with the installation AirOxi Tube offer maintenance support