An adequate level of oxygen has to be maintained in a fish or shrimp/prawn pond to ensure growth and an increase in yield. The best way this can be achieved is by introducing an aeration system which can complement the natural source of oxygen in ponds to ensure a steady supply of oxygen all day long.

By installing our algae-resistant aeration tubes we can ensure that the frequency for maintenance and cleaning of the tube can be reduced.  All that is required is a simple method of cleaning once a month, which can be carried out by the farmer also.

Studies prove that the natural oxygen level in the water of the algae filled ponds fluctuates. Algae or other marine plants produce 70 to 80% of oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere, so aquatic plants are a good source of natural oxygen. The algae produces oxygen as a by-product of photosynthesis which makes their presence vital in fish/prawn/shrimp farms.

Besides growth of algae, here are some other must-know methods to extend the natural oxygen level in water throughout the day.

  • Support photosynthesis by adding aquatic plants with roots to the water of the fish farm.
  • Install an aeration solution in the water to dissolve the oxygen. Oxygen gets easily dissolved via our aeration solutions feel free to take a look at them here. Make sure you have a good quality aerator installed in the water so that more oxygen gets dissolved.
  • Remove waste from the pond. Decomposing garbage in the water absorbs a lot of oxygen.
  • Provide shade to the water. Oxygen can be easily sustained in moderate temperature water.
  • Plant a mixture of different plants. Plant different kinds of plants in your fish pond like floating plants, submerged plants and marginal plants to avoid excess growth of algae.

The dissolved oxygen in the water will depend on the physical conditions of the water, such as the temperature, pressure and the salinity levels of the pond. If there is more of ionic natural salts in the water, then there is a higher chance that the dissolved oxygen in the water will be driven out into the atmosphere due to the high salinity levels. This situation can be countered with an capable aeration solution which would not require frequent maintenance – read for more:

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