Proper aeration solutions are of immense importance for aquaculture. With the advancement of technology newer and modern aeration systems have come up which provide much better results both in the short and long term. The fish/shrimp farmers get a lot of benefits on the installation of the modern systems for aeration since the running and maintenance costs are low. Our aeration systems maintain a uniform level of dissolved oxygen in the tanks and ponds throughout the day.

In an addition to this, these aeration systems are particularly very beneficial since they do not disturb the aquatic life which is the reason as to why they are the most preferred choice of the fish and shrimp farmers.

Low Maintenance Aeration Products on Offer at AirOxi

AirOxi Tubes is a leading manufacturer of different aeration tubes and equipment that are very low on maintenance. Moreover, the products from AirOxi are of great quality and last for a long period of time and hence preferred by users. Few of the low maintenance products for aeration available at AirOxiTubes are mentioned below.

AirOxi High-Efficiency Tubes These tubes from AirOxi are extremely efficient in nature for providing the required aeration yet they are very easy on maintenance without involving a lot of time for the same.

AirOxi Tube and Disc Diffusers The tubes and disc diffusers are just ideal to be used in the indoor nurseries and hatcheries, portable HDPE tanks as well as the RAS systems. These diffusers perform great and at high pressure for the creation of microbubbles. Additionally, these diffusers are very easy to maintain which is highly beneficial.

AirOxi Algae Resistant Tubes As indicated by the name, these aeration tubes are algae resistant which is highly beneficial for the fish farmers since algae cannot do any damage to the product and they are highly functional necessarily serving their intended purpose.

There are a number of other products on offer at AirOxi apart from the ones mentioned above that are very low on maintenance. The extremely low maintenance is an important reason as to why the fish farmers use these aeration systems. Please read through to find out the details about the same.

Few Moving Parts
The modern systems of aeration consist of very few moving parts as compared to the traditional systems of aeration. The involvement of less moving parts reduces the time for maintenance as well as the cost. Thus, both time, as well as cost, is saved for the purpose of maintenance of these modern systems for aeration.

Too Many Motors Not Involved
There are not many motors involved these modern aquaculture aeration solutions and hence it reduces the chances of the parts breaking or wearing out. The wear and tear are readily reduced in these systems which is the reason as to why the requirement of maintenance is also very much on the lower side.

No Metal Parts or Couplings
The modern systems for aeration do not consist of metal parts and couplings. This in turn eliminates the parts from the system that can rust. Thus, very low maintenance is required for these advanced aeration systems for aquaculture.

Easy Cleaning
If algae growth occurs on the surface of the aeration tube, it can be very simply wiped off with a cloth or can be dipped in acid that is used for cleaning floors or tiles for only half a minute for removing the algae. Then it needs to be simply washed with water and can be installed with ease again.

Thus, it is quite clear as to how the modern systems of aeration are very low on maintenance and hence the top preference of the users.