IPRS which is also very popularly referred to as In Pond Raceway System which plays a vital role in enhancing the profits during the time of fish or shrimp farming. It is known that the maintenance of high levels of dissolved oxygen levels in the aquaculture is of immense importance. We at AirOxi very well understand the exact needs and requirements of the aquaculture farmers so that it is made sure that we effectively cater to those needs in the best possible manner. Our products are manufactured in such a manner that they serve the intended purpose of use which in turn ensures positive results.

AirOxi tube is extremely efficient in providing the appropriate aeration solutions to the aquaculture farmers so that the quality as well as quantity of yield is great. In an addition this, AirOxi aeration tube can be effectively integrated into the modern technologies such as IPRS, raceways and white water to more efficiently cater to the needs as well as requirements of the aquaculture farmers.

How These New Technologies are Beneficial?

All of these new technologies such as In Pond Raceway System, the water quality management is much batter. Now, at the time when the quality of water is good, there is no outbreak of diseases very often as in case of the traditional aquaculture systems. This technology of In Pond Raceway System is actually a combination of the advantages of four aquaculture systems that are as follows.

  1. Re circulating systems
  2. Cage farming
  3. Raceway models
  4. Pond aquaculture systems

The first three systems are more like the mechanical systems and a combination of these three with the fourth necessarily brings about the advantages that are derived from a biological system. This makes the overall system extremely efficient in nature thereby enhancing the volume of production to a significant extent.

AirOxi Products Properly Works with The New Technologies

The AirOxi tube and all of the other aquaculture products from AirOxi can be readily integrated to the new technologies with ease and convenience thereby making it quite easy for the aquaculture farmers as well. This, in turn, is of a great help in getting the required output form the setup. The AirOxi tube helps the raceways in the improvement in feed management of the fishes along with the maintenance of optimal quality of water.

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Thus, at any point of time, you are looking forward to using any of the new technologies such as In Pond Raceway System, white water, raceways or others for aquaculture, then you need not look any further and obtain the aeration solutions from AirOxi without any kind of hesitation.