Several fish farmers have started using the high-flow tube launched by AirOxi. This product is designed exclusively for nurseries and hatcheries and it is pretty hard to find a better option available in the market right now. You can use this tube for a wide range of production systems and aquaculture species including raceways, cage culture, grow out ponds, recirculating systems, nurseries and hatcheries.

Learn about the benefits offered by this high-flow tube

AirOxi High Flow Tube

AirOxi High Flow Tube

The high-flow tube offers a wide variety of benefits for the fish farmers. Most importantly, it provides higher flow area and you can also expect 50% more circumference with this sophisticated product. If you are having a grow-out pond, you can find this tube really beneficial. Since the inlet is 1-inch, there won’t be any restrictions on the air flow. Maintaining very high flow rate of small bubbles for a long period in a continuous way becomes a reality with AirOxi high-flow tubes and you can expect excellent flow rate even after 3-4 months of keeping it in a grow-out pond. In other words, the high flow inlet and bigger circumference make sure that the tube can be utilized for several months without worrying about any choking issues. In fact; the flow rate is almost double compared to all those conventional aeration tubes available in the market.  AirOxi offers 63 mm diffuser flow rate and you can buy this one at one fourth of the price of diffusers with same flow rate. This high quality tubing system oxygenates water in the best possible manner and it is the first of its kind anywhere in the world in terms of the size of a tube made for aquaculture purpose.

Requirements to set up a high-flow tube

You don’t need any special preparation to install these highly advanced tubes and they can be installed in an easy manner. It is always advisable to install the tubes on all 4 sides or at least on three sides. When it comes to installation, this product offers exceptional flexibility and you can perform the installation in whatever you like including straight lines, grids or rings. Valves must be kept on each tube for controlling the airflow and optimize the dissolved oxygen transfer.  Nurseries and grow out ponds should be able to use only 50% of this tube quantity, and still, they will receive adequate flow rate and oxygen dissolution. The overall cost of the aeration tubes utilized stays the same due to the fact that only half the quantity of tube is needed.

Product specifications

The bubble size comes around 1 mm with an inner diameter of one inch and outer diameter of 1.5 inches.  In comparison with normal aeration tubes, this high-flow tube has 50% more surface area and the bubbles per meter are 2000 to 2500. The thickness of this tube is 6.5 mm to 7 mm.  The large inner diameter offers high flow rate and AirOxi offers a 1 year warranty on manufacturing defect.  The lifespan of this product is at least 3 to 4 years.

This high-flow tube from AirOxi Tube is one of the most innovative and beneficial aeration tubes available in the marker and you can expect optimal fish production with this wonderful product. If you look at the limitations of this product, you can find only one. Proper planning must be done so that air flow inlets are provided in 1-inch size from the periphery header pipe. If you address this limitation by following the advice of AirOxi, this high-flow tube is an excellent option for fish farmers and it embraces the latest technology to deliver the best results.

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