Technology has given uncountable gifts to humans and is still bestowing mankind with mind boggling innovations. Be it any field, technology has been fair to all. Talking about water aeration, it is a process that is carried out to increase the oxygen saturation of the water. Any process that is carried out by adding oxygen to water is all about water aeration solution.  The aeration solutions have reached to a new level with the introduction of latest technologies like AirOxi!

AirOxi Tubes products specially introduced for aquaculture aeration is designed for commercial purpose and has already been successfully installed in hundreds of acres of aqua cultural ponds. Known to be of high efficiency in both salt water and fresh water, these AirOxi tubes are made up of a mixture of materials that guarantee durability and smooth air flow. This improved and new solution of AirOxi Tube is really beneficial as compared to the current traditional aerated solutions. Below mentioned are the reasons why it is advisable and beneficial to opt for this modern new solution:

  • The modern aeration solution increases dissolved oxygen in the pond which is not possible in traditional aeration methods as it splashes up the water in the air using paddles or other devices. Using AirOxi tube, oxygen dissolves 3 times faster as compared to paddle aerators.

  • Using advanced solution leads to reduction of electricity cost. AirOxi tube requires less power to aerate similar size ponds where traditional methods take more motors to splash water. Hence, saving around 50% of power!

  • Uniform dissolved oxygen is availed throughout day and night as AirOxi tube installations use less motors, makes less noise and do not splash water. Thus, higher oxygen content is obtained.

  • The AirOxi tube can be installed at depth which helps in dissolving oxygen deep under water, giving it faster to aquatic life. Not restricted to the edges, this tube can be installed all through the pond to get dissolved and uniform oxygen all across it.

  • AirOxi tube does not disturb the aquatic life as it creates bubbles in water where the surface of the water is not disturbed unlike the traditional method of splashing.

  • The maintenance time and cost of the advanced aeration method is lower as compared to the traditional one. The reason behind it is usage of fewer motors, no breakable components, no couplings or metal parts that faces rust problems.

  • The Food Conversion Ratio (FCR) was found to be better at some ponds where these AirOxi tubes were installed. The reason can be the bubbles as they keep some food particles floating instead of settling at the bottom of the pond.

  • As per the statistics, the advanced aeration method yields 30-40% higher per hectare as compared to the traditional aeration system.

Looking at the above points, it can be seen clearly that indeed the advanced aeration system through AirOxi Tube is much better and beneficial in every way as compared to the traditional aeration system. Hence, step into the technology world and opt for this advanced system now!