Aeration is extremely important in aquaculture or fish farming, along with a number of other similar uses like fish transportation, fish tanks, and bio floc. AirOxi is a trusted, reputed, and reliable name in providing extremely efficient as well as effective aeration solutions for aquaculture.  AirOxi manufacturers top notch aeration solutions, and various aeration products, thereby ensuring that none of the fish farmers face any kind of problems during their work. Now, to make the work easy and even more convenient for the fish farmers. AirOxi New Spider is precisely what comes to the rescue of the users. So, let us learn how to install an aeration solution faster with AirOxi New Spider for an efficient and effective aeration.

What is AirOxi New Spider?

AirOxi New Spider is one of the latest additions to the catalogue of aeration products manufactured by AirOxi. It is a ready to use aeration set that offers a very easy and convenient aeration solution. The AirOxi New Spider is ideally suited for use in in bio floc tanks and for mobile aeration system at the time of transportation of fishes or seeds. The part about the new product from AirOxi is that it comes in a ready to use set. Therefore, the AirOxi New Spider is extremely easy to assemble that can be easily completed within a very short span of time. The installation of the AirOxi New Spider does not require any additional labour cost, thereby making it a cost effective solution. In addition to this, the product includes all the required parts for installation, and hence the need of buying spare parts is also eliminated. This, in turn, makes sure that AirOxi Spider offers the most convenient yet highly effective aeration solution.

How AirOxi New Spider is Beneficial?

The AirOxi New Spider one of the easiest and most convenient aeration systems that offers the following benefits.

  • Highly efficient and portable aeration solution
  • Quick and prompt aeration solutions
  • There are no grids and no fixed diffusers present
  • Extremely easy to install and use
  • The AirOxi New Spider comes with varying capacities to be used for different sized tanks
  • It comes with a standard height and can be adjusted as per the needs
  • Body size is larger so that it can fill in more weight, hence can be used in even more depths with ease and convenience.
  • All the spare parts are included to make the set a ready to use one

Thus, it can be very clearly understood as to why the AirOxi New Spider is one of the best and easiest to install aeration solution. For all your aeration needs, do not waste any more time, and get in touch with the team AirOxi Tube for getting the best solutions.