Saudi Arabia with its ecological drawback, is an arid and water deficit country, with limited freshwater-supplies. The territory is a desert where temperatures are extreme in summer and low in winter. It is also characterized by low annual rainfall and lacks any kind of permanent bodies of water. With the scarcity of freshwater yet future demand in fish farming with growing population necessitated the maricultural for fulfilling Saudi’s future fish-food demand, from the Red sea coast and Arabian Gulf. Thus, since the last three decades Saudi Arabia formed two fish farming technology; one with the freshwater fish farming and seawater fish farming and thus, the aquaculture of shrimp and tilapia fish farming were the two main activities.

Fish species like Tilapia grow well at high densities when proper water quality is maintained. For sustaining excellent water quality, you need most effective water recirculation which renews dissolved oxygen (DO) supply effectively. A small deviation in the DO levels leads to the build of toxic waste, ammonia and it may result in mass damage over a period. With our aeration solution, oxygen dissolves through small bubbles released via our tubes as they slowly come up, you get more dissolved oxygen or DO in the water body.

AirOxi Tube’s advanced aeration technology which offers a flexibility and low maintenance has been the preferred aeration solution for both fish and shrimp farming. Apart from better aeration and reduction in running costs, our aeration solution provides other essential added benefits like lesser number of motors to be used, no splashing of water, our solutions make very less noise, they can be operated – 24 x 7 .

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Airoxi-tube helps dissolve oxygen faster leading to a higher yield per hectare in comparison to other traditional methods that are used for aeration. This is because of higher survival rate due to sufficient oxygen. Moreover, the yield was found to be faster – the growth of aquatic life was faster by 1 to 2 weeks compared to similar ponds.

Aeration is a vital consideration for healthy fish farming. Ponds with inadequate aeration which leads to a lower oxygen level face challenges in aquaculture. Without better aeration, many ponds will develop an oxygen-deprived level throughout the farming season which will lead to lower yields.

We offer the latest technologies for aquaculture aeration and we also export worldwide. Our aeration tubes are designed especially for commercial aquaculture and have been successfully installed in hundreds of acres of aquaculture ponds. We have run a wide range of tests and have found our tubes to be highly efficient in both salt water and fresh water. Our tubes are made with a blend of materials that provide durability and smooth airflow.

Our products are well designed, easy and need hassle-free installation and offer better oxygen dissolving. Our product range:

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