Millions of people depend directly or indirectly on fisheries and aquaculture for their livelihood. Fish provide people the necessary animal protein, nutrients, and micronutrients. A suitable approach is needed to protect aquaculture. The fish stocks are not properly maintained due to various reasons. Especially, agricultural pollution has reduced fish stocks. It has become extremely important to maintain clean water and provide a suitable habitat for fish.

Recirculating Aeration System or RAS is the fishing method used in the home aquarium and for fish production. RAS is the most advanced method to enhance the production and profitability of high-density fish farming of different fish breeds. Where water exchange is limited the use of biofiltration is required to reduce ammonia toxicity. Fish farmers have realized that it is essential to use a comprehensive aeration solution to generate optimal yield. Highly dynamic RAS system restore the dissolved oxygen levels in the entire water column and they remove the toxic gases to allow the fish to feed on the insects at the bottom with improved efficiency.

The importance of RAS in fish farming is manifold. The importance of RAS can be seen in the advantages that it brings forward. The advantages of RAS are:

Increase fish production and improves fish health and growth rate: RAS is vital to increase fish production and it also improves fish health and hence, it results in growth rate. Without proper oxygen, fishes do not yield and becomes a matter of concern for farmers. RAS increases oxygen levels and even the toxic gases at the bottom are removed.

Maintain excellent water quality: The water and feed quality are maintained by RAS in fish farming. Water is provided with the necessary amount of oxygen and water quality improves. Organic sediment and waste are converted into food for fish. It requires less amount of water.

Risk reduction: Due to RAS, there is lesser risk caused by climate, infection and diseases, predation, etc.

Location flexibility: RAS uses less area and it has the ability to use marginalized lands. They require relatively small amounts of land and water.

Species and harvest flexibility: RAS allows farmers the flexibility in the selection of species and harvest time. This allows the farmers to rapidly respond to a changing marketplace to maximize production.

With all these qualities RAS obtains high yield fish production. 

AirOxi Tube manufactures recirculating aeration tubes that ensure uniform distribution of dissolved oxygen to create an ideal growing environment for fishes. Farmers can install these tubes at the depth and the effectiveness of the aeration becomes manifold. These environment-friendly systems allow the farmers to culture the maximum amount of fish at a given space and the production goes unperturbed year around to enjoy excellent profits.

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