EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is a durable synthetic rubber made up of ethylene and propylene and a diene comonomer that enables cross linkings via sulphur vulcanization system. AirOxi Tubes has launched high quality EPDM Diffusers for use in nurseries. EPDM is highly reliable and has many benefits, a few are listed below:

Advantages of EPDM:

  • Resistance to UV exposure, ozone, weathering and many chemicals.
  • Stability in low and high temperatures.
  • Low electrical conductivity.
  • Steam and water resistant.
  • High versatile, can be applied successfully in any situation.
  • The parts will work well and last longer without breaking down – saving money on replacements.

Failure in aeration system is seen due to human error, be it the designing part or installation stage or maintenance. Depending on your goal, you should choose the right material to minimize the scope of failure. Many projects fail because of incorrect material or solution being chosen due to lack of proper knowledge about different materials.

AirOxi Tubes have specialist and experienced professionals to understand your goals, provide guidance and help you select the right diffusers for your aeration project. AirOxi Tubes have variety of diffusers available to suit different needs of aeration project. AirOxi Tubes has accomplished a new feat by launching EPDM Diffusers– 63 x 610 mm and 63 x 1000 mm size for use in nurseries.

AirOxi Tubes provides best solutions for aquaculture aeration. Now having added EPDM diffusers, AirOxi Tubes have different kinds of product available. We offer many alternatives on the type of diffusers and materials. For detailed information about the benefits of installing AirOxi Tubes aquaculture aeration solutions click the link: https://www.airoxitube.com/benefits-of-aeration-solutions/

AirOxi Tube uses the cutting edge technology in the aeration system that is perfect for commercial aquaculture.

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