High flow tube for aeration by AirOxi Tube is a perfect solution to install in a grow out pond. It can be used in extensive range of aquaculture production such as cage culture, grow out ponds, hatcheries and nurseries. With specially designed in 1-inch diameter inner outlet, there is no constraint to airflow. This also permits in constant high flow rate of small bubbles for an extended period of time. The flow inlet/ inner diameter and larger circumference offer high durability of the tube without any blocking issues. The high flow tube has twice the flow rate compared to usual aeration tubes available in the market.

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The key advantages of the tube assist in dissolving oxygen level consistently in both fresh and salt water.

  • The exterior diameter is 1.5- inch
  • The tube includes 1-inch inner diameter
  • It offers four times flow area than usual tube present in the market
  • It also offers 50% more aeration and circumference surface than usual traditional tube.
  • Because of its increased dissolved oxygen level, it is specially designed for high density culture in RAS, nurseries, bio-floc systems and waterways.

The high flow aeration tubes are extremely advanced and can be installed without any trouble. The suppleness and ease of installation makes the tube easy to deal with for any shrimp / fish farmer. Compared to other usual tubes the width of the high flow tube covers more surface area and bubbles. The bigger inner diameter offers high flow rate, this assists in good blend of dissolved oxygen. It is the most innovative aeration tube available in the market. For the maximum fish production and healthy fish life span, top quality of aeration tube is very important for maintaining fish farming and water quality.

Take a look at our video for High Flow Aeration Tube installed in a fish farm:

Advantages that high flow tubes offer include the following:

  • It offers fine micro bubbles and the surface area of the bubble becomes bigger to endorse maximum level of oxygen transfer to water from air.
  • The outer diameter of 1.5-inch and inlet diameter of 1-inch provides high flow rate.

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Thus, it is quite clear as to why the high flow tube are just perfect to be used for aeration in the grow out ponds, bio floc, nurseries RAS and as well as cage culture.

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